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Modular and fully automated battery module production line🧡by #KUKA ! Starting in fall 2020, the battery modules are to be manufactured on the fully automated production line at @ElringKlingerAG  plant in Thale, Germany🤩. #Automotive  #Automation 

Sensitivity coupled with agility🤩! KUKA’s🧡sensitive automation solution provides @MercedesBenz 🚗 vehicle bodies with important corrosion protection and ensures leak-tightness. #KUKA  #Automotive  #Automation 

Human-robot collaboration for headlight adjustment🧡! To reduce the strain on the workers at Ford, two #KUKA  #LBRiiwa 🤖adjust the fog lights fully automatically. Human and robot work on the same vehicle without additional safety equipment🤩. #Automotive 

Systems expertise from #KUKA 🧡for top quality and proven process reliability! The metal-forming and chassis specialists at @gestamp  manufacture ladder frames for the VW plant in Hanover, Germany, and relies on a fully automatic arc welding system from KUKA

Carrying 500 kg payload in the body shop 🧡 no problem with KUKA‘s KS Lift-and-Carry Shuttle! Our efficient top performer 💪 takes over the job and transports the components to the next workstation within few seconds🤩. #KUKA  #Automotive  #Automation 

Robots and 3D printing are such promising tools for architecture.

Fully automated leak test system by KUKA🧡! #KUKA  is implementing a fully automated test system for testing the oil and water cavity and the fuel rail in the engine block at the @BMWGroup  plant in Hams Hall, UK🤩. #Automotive  #Automation 

With KUKA Toledo Production Operations (KTPO) #KUKA  set a new milestone 🎖 in terms of the digital supply chain and #Industrie40 🧡. The body-in-white plant for Jeep® Gladiator and Jeep® Wrangler bodyshells 🚙 enables a quantum leap in productivity.

Engine assembly is one of our specialties🧡! #KUKA ´s portfolio🤖: Assembly and test systems for engines, transmissions and electric mobility for power trains. We offer individual solutions for your production, from low to high levels of automation💪.

Generative designed and metal 3d-printed autonomous driving chassis platform hitting the road. Days of generative design and iteration, 80 hours of robot metal 3D printing,Check out @thepixmoving  at


#ICYMI : Our favorite amateur roboticist demonstrated how (not) to make a sandwich with a robot in 2016 #robotics  #FF 

Everything you always wanted to know about collaborative robots - we're happy to discuss with you at #HannoverMesse2018 . Get your free entrance ticket here. #HM18  #Industrie40  #robots  #automation  #robotics  #cobots 

#Drones + #Robots  together could manipulate objects in construction and search-and-rescue.

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Who wants a robot massage? could be the ones to call. #robots  #cobots  #medicaldevices  #DigitalHealth  #massage  #Automation 

If you need me, I'll be watching this on loop all weekend.

#Robots can use #sensors  to detect bulky objects, working gracefully with #humans . #makers  #STEM  #robotics  #contest 

When engineers want something done, they do it right. #engineering  + #robots  + #beer