Consumer Product Safety Commission

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said children and at least one pet were pulled, pinned and entrapped under a treadmill.

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Consumer Product Safety Commission

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build back better apparently means crumbling infrastructure, inflation, mass exodus from the workforce, escalating middle eastern conflict

Stop calling it the Gaza border. It's not. Here's why:

NOT A COVID CURE: People in one part of India are covering themselves in cow dung and urine as they believe it protects them from COVID-19. Yet doctors proclaim there is no scientific evidence.

We are deeply concerned at the escalation of violence in occupied #Palestine , incl. #EastJerusalem , and #Israel . We condemn ALL violence and ALL incitement to violence. No force should be used against those exercising their rights peacefully. Read 👉

BTS’s RM Now Claims The Fourth-Most Hits On The Sales Chart Among Korean Artists

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Story alert: @BorisJohnson  says he will establish Covid inquiry "within this session" of parliament. First time he's put a timing on it.

Guess who once said Trump failed to deal with Russia’s attack on the 2016 election (which benefitted him) and also suggested he repeatedly used “unacceptable” misogynistic rhetoric. Hint: she’s about to be anointed as a top Trumpist.

Schumer says Trump's "big lie" about a stolen election is "spreading like a cancer among Republicans" and their support for it will "erode our democracy" "When people don't believe elections are on the level, it places us on a road to autocracy. Who knows what'll happen next?"

#Breaking | Fourth wave of coronavirus hits Japan, patients dying in homes Paulomi Barman reports from Tokyo, @pretasorter  speaks from Delhi#COVID19  #Coronavirus  #Japan  #IndiaFirst  @gauravcsawant