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Competition: enter now for your chance to win a Big Green Egg BBQ with Trivento winery this Summer

#ICYMI This week on Screentime, @john_fardy  talks to the directors of 'McMillions', the documentary series about the strange case of fraud that was carried out by people playing the McDonalds Monopoly game back in the 1990's. With thanks to @EandCdublin .

Watching the 1984 Lords Test Match the BBC was showing in lieu of the cancelled West Indies tour. Few obvious fashion pointers to the era until a young man in the crowd stands up to return the ball — wearing a "Frankie say..." teeshirt. Too “on the nose" for a movie, I'd say.

Ugh. We’re getting to Joan’s “arrangement” over the Jaguar account. Which I always thought was a step too far into the Satanic. Unsettles everything. #MadMen 

President Trump joins former President Obama in calling looters “thugs and criminals”

The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents Art sketched with pencil no stopping for mistakes by Danilo Marquez *pch_marquez

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The problem isn't the 'racist in the White House.' The problem is the racist white liberal that destroys anything they see offensive

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George Floyd protests created a surge in voter registrations, groups say <--- Not everybody can vote who would like to. But I'm very happy people that can are signing up to vote, taking their rights seriously.

The Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia wants a national overhaul of the vocational education and training sector - but the ACT government isn't so sure, reports @AlexCrowe12 .

This week I was looking at Australian examples of redistributions blocked by parliament and the constitutional consequences. So this UK post on legislation adopting redistribution reforms similar to Australia's is of interest.