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Breakfast with the legend.
It was an honour to meet you, you are an inspiration for all of us
Breakfast with the legend. 
It was an honour to meet you, you are an inspiration for all of us

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** 12 years ago: Shaq, Bron and Dwight’s epic dance-off at All-Star weekend.
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BTS | Wembley Stadium | Saturday June 1st 2019.

Alisson on Manuel Neuer:

"He is a big reference for me. When we got them in the draw I was pleased knowing I’d be against him."

When you get the chance to play against your heroes 🤩
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81 career interceptions 😲

It’s going to be pretty tough to top Paul Krause’s record.
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Breaking: Manny Machado has agreed to a deal with the Padres, per @JeffPassan
United Kingdom trends currently 😨

We can’t wait to welcome #BTS and the #BTSARMYARMY to Wembley@BTS_twt!#LOVE_YOURSELF #SPEAK_YOURSELF

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Will Atletico vs Juve throw up another 0-0 in the #UCL tonight?

It's a fairly popular result in our £119,664 Rollover, with 23 of 132 remaining units on that scoreline.

Best of luck if you're still in the hunt for a piece of the prize going into tonight 🍀
"It was some feeling. That's what you work hard for."

J-Rod reflects on our late winner at @QPRFC... 💬

Watch the full interview a #WBA

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Thanks to all the fans that came to see us yesterday! It was great seeing you all ⚒
Fireworks are expected as the @utahjazz visit Oklahoma. Make sure you don’t miss it with #SaturdayMorningLive on SONY TEN 1, 7:30 AM.
The correct way of spelling Australia’s favourite pub dish is “parmi”. As this is currently a free country, you are allowed to be wrong and disagree with this, but you will only be embarrassing yourself.
"I don't understand how they can fine Leeds for something that wasn't illegal!"

"You see players conning the referee and not getting punished!"

#LUFC fan @thedavidseaman says it was wrong to fine Leeds over Spygate.

Agree? 🤔
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The Kahanist candidates, until 5 minutes ago personalities no self-respecting Israeli politician would be seen with in public, are on their way to meet PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem. A dream imprimatur for ideological racists.
Are you ready to support the ⚪️⚫️ in Madrid? Prove it! 🤳


The tutorial, below 👇
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Our @CoralChampClub horse Annie Mc runs on Friday at Exeter!

We’re running a competition so you can experience the thrill of owning her for a day.

- Wined and dined
- Parade ring with @JonjoONeill
- £100 free bet

Enter for free:
Breakfast time! What are you having today?

Take a moment to think about what your favourite thing about your breakfast is.
I love my porridge this morning, it’s making me all warm and cosy. 😊

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