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The Porterville Police Department is denying claims that officers roughed up a group of teenagers riding bikes through the city on Saturday.

A company is paying one lucky person $1,300 -- in addition to some pretty cool complimentary gear -- to watch 13 classic Stephen King movies by the time October 31 rolls around.

A homeowner called to report a break-in, but it turns out it wasn't a person that broke in, it was a mountain lion

Now available at Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide, the "Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza" combines true American classics for a one-of-a-kind cheesy creation.

A controversial Colin Kaepernick Nike ad is being recognized as one of TV's best commercials.

After a nasty flu season last year, the Centers for Disease Control has updated its flu vaccine to fight the flu virus for 2019-2020 season.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is testing a new Chicken and Donuts sandwich and Chicken and Donuts basket meal

Amazon announced it will film its upcoming television series "The Lord of the Rings" in New Zealand, marking a return of the orcs, elves and hobbits to the country they became synonymous with over the course of six movies directed by Peter Jackson.

The scam targets people by telling them their Venmo account is about to be charged. It then directs victims to a fake login page.

Disguised as a doctor, a soldier from Pennsylvania who was stationed in Italy, surprised his terminally ill grandfather in the hospital. Hospital staff helped sneak him into his grandfather’s room as he sees his grandfather for what is likely the last time


#BREAKING Alaska Airlines says it is aware of an incident involving an unauthorized take-off of a Horizon Air plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. This video was taken by a woman who lives south of the airport. She says this is the plane. (Courtney Jensen Junka)

#MUSTSEE Parlier senior #12  Justo Bustos has cerebral palsy. He started the game tonight and made an impact for the Panthers

A bear in Southern California was caught on camera taking a dip in a hot tub and licking up the margarita it knocked over. #summer 

#racistrant A man in North Fresno was caught on camera going on a racist rant following a possible fender bender. *Warning VERY Graphic Language*

The mayor of a city in Poland was in very serious condition after he was stabbed while on stage during the finale of a large charity event Sunday, Poland's interior minister said.

WOW. Officers in Las Vegas exchange gunfire with murder suspects during a police chase. At one point in the video, the officer shoots through his windshield while driving. #shootout 

According to the , the plane has crashed. Preliminary info is that a mechanic from unknown airlines stole the plane. Was doing stunts in the air or lack of flying skills caused crash into Island.

A pair of police officers in Texas were called out to a graduation party for a noise complaint, but ended up joining in on the fun instead. They were pulled into the party and even did a little bit of dancing! (Video: Carrollton Police Department)

Funeral Services for Corporal Ronil Singh. Cpl. Singh was shot and killed in the line of duty on December 24th.