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Mothers Matter: A look at race and how it affects childbirth deaths in the US
$10,000 tip left at NC hot dog joint by man who only ordered 2 waters https://t.co/ipcexbXaj2
Wild brawl between Lakers and Rockets leads to three ejections https://t.co/45drR2Y87j
Six people shot near Jacksonville Jaguars stadium https://t.co/3WpQMfg7NL
What do you think should've been done about Saturday night's fight? The NBA, after all, agreed that Rajon Rondo spit on Chris Paul. 🏀
Chris Paul suspended 2 games for Lakers-Rockets fight https://t.co/2qFZlFeIgf #khou11 #HTownRush

Photo: @usatsimg
Man shot to death outside truck with children inside in north Harris County https://t.co/aKVaO175kQ
Ships wrecked on Dog Island in 1899 unearthed by Hurricane Michael https://t.co/VZ6uboubo2
American moms are dying in childbirth. What you can do about it
Tyler Trent, Purdue student battling cancer, was there when his team upset Ohio State https://t.co/NfxS5rZ3NM
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