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The U.K. government said Friday it was "urgently considering" its options after the US announced its decision.

The early morning explosion at a plant in Houston was felt for miles and blew rubble as far as a half-mile away from the blast site.

After bones were discovered partially buried in a resident's backyard, investigators have determined they are in fact human remains.

Tests showed at least 43 cities across the U.S. have toxic "forever chemicals" in their tap water.

After living a majority of his life in an animal shelter, Brodie, a German Shepherd and Border Collie mix with a slanted face has finally found his forever home and family.

The driver told police the pair was crossing the street and he was unable to avoid them.

It was not the first time police raided the home searching for drugs.

The trip took a gruesome turn when 16 year old Muhammad was impaled in the neck by a needlefish that unexpectedly jumped out of the water and into the boat.

Tests conducted by an environmental watchdog has found heightened levels of a potentially toxic chemical found in tap water supplies in dozens of cities nationwide.


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The Laguna Beach City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday night to keep an American flag-themed logo on its police patrol cars, rejecting claims the graphic “would scare illegal immigrants.”

Britney Spears' longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, said in remarks reported today that his client is not physically, mentally and attitudinally fit to resume performing in Las Vegas and perhaps will never be.

California Now Officially a Sanctuary State

Anyone with information about the suspect's identity or whereabouts was urged to call Manhattan Beach police.

Vanessa Trump Hospitalized After Receiving Letter Containing White Powder

An internal investigation by the Lorain Police Department found that John Kovach Jr. did not have proper cause to pull the vehicle over and abused his power during the traffic stop.