Pittsburgh Public Schools Seeks Approval / Contract Organization Evaluate Data Police / Arrest Citations

Pittsburgh Public Schools Seeks Approval To Contract With Organization To Evaluate Data On Police Calls, Arrest And Citations

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Pittsburgh Public Schools Seeks Approval / Contract Organization Evaluate Data Police / Arrest Citations

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The liberal media want you to believe that it's an enormous breach of protocol to vote for a Supreme Court nominee during an election year. Except they were telling you the exact opposite in 2016. Here's the proof.

For the first 3 or so years of Trump's term there was certain mode of analysis fairly common among self-styled savvy centrists, #Resistance  averse leftists, and tons of conservatives that basically held that everyone freaking out about Trump was being overwrought and hysterical.

FBI Director Christopher Wray: "I would encourage people to be critical thinkers, and to get their news from a variety of sources and make up their own mind and be a skeptical, discerning electorate — which is what I think is the best defense against malign foreign influence"

In the debate next week, @JoeBiden  should pledge unequivocally that he will recognize the result of a free and fair election and then challenge @realDonaldTrump  to do the same. Ten of millions of Americans deserve to hear Trump's answer.

AND YET!!! You stil see this savvy, arm's length mode of analysis across the spectrum. "Oh calm down libs, is it really so bad?" MORE AMERICANS HAVE DIED IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS THAN DURING ANY SIX MONTH PERIOD IN A HUNDRED YEARS. YES IT'S THAT BAD. WAKE THE HELL UP.

Nobody actually thinks Trump is going to hole up in the White House like Pacino at the end of "Scarface" if he loses. This is media projection justifying preparations for left-wing violence. And Trump played into it by saying stupid crap, as always.

FBI Director Wray: "We have not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise."

[WATCH]: South Africa responds to the call by President@DPRamaphosa  to take up the 🇿 #JerusalemaChallenge  #HeritageDay2020h #JerusalemaDanceChallenge #MyHeritageYourHeritagetps ://t.co/lro7tGxRx7

American democracy is in decay. But it’s high-functioning enough that Donald Trump will only be able to attempt his coup if the result is ambiguous. Make it unambiguous. This is the opposite of a lost cause. You have power.