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New Time cover depicts Trump with crying child amid controversy over family separation https://t.co/UOuEp7T1VV
Opponents of Arkansas' Ten Commandments monument want to merge lawsuits seeking to have the display removed from state Capitol grounds. What the lawsuits are claiming: https://t.co/aY830IrNxY #arnews
United Airlines will stop allowing pets to travel in four cities during summer months. Here's why: https://t.co/No8lx1niW2
CUTE ALERT! These four mountain lion kittens were recently found in the Simi Hills of California! Researchers say this is the first kitten den that has been documented in the Simi Hills.

(Video: National Park Service/CNN)
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The Arkansas Farm Bureau president says he is "concerned" with soybean prices because of Chinese tariffs. How much the price of soybean bushels have already dropped following trump's announced tariffs on Chinese goods: https://t.co/CIA8Pg93YT #arnews
Disney is upping the ante for Fox, making a $70.3 billion counterbid for Fox's entertainment businesses following Comcast's $65 billion offer for the company. Details: https://t.co/GLO6XKNXdl
Happy National Selfie Day! The self-portraits popularized by millennials everywhere have become so ubiquitous, the word "selfie" is now in the Oxford Dictionary. And since most selfies are taken with your phone, we got to wondering, how many of you actually still use a camera?
INCREDIBLE! A 15-year-old has graduated from the University of California Davis with honors. What he plans to do next: https://t.co/ojVUcIZsT6
Republican support for President Trump's tariffs against China has waned. Here's why: https://t.co/YIMR1y0E7z
KATV Weather Alert.. Flash Flood Warning for Chicot County until 7:30am Thursday. https://t.co/KAlfp73qy8 #ARWX
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