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Trump order would ban most transgender troops from serving https://t.co/U96mK6PQOk
A group of inmates is tending to 200 roosters at an Arkansas sheriff's office pending their use as evidence against 137 people arrested at a cockfight.

A reward is being offered for information leading to the recovery of an artifact stolen from the Fort Smith Museum of History. Who it belonged to:

https://t.co/nRMUBhddua #arnews
A Pennsylvania superintendent says his students are armed with rocks in case of a school shooting.

Incredible video of dust devils north of Amarillo, Texas.
Video courtesy: Live Storms Media
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We've been loving #NationalPuppyDay. Share your vids/pics at https://t.co/2MkSFEGhYB. This one was sent in by Mark Jones-Stockli.
Stone Co. authorities say a suspected home intruder was shot and killed early Friday on Cedar Creek Rd. What led up to the shooting:

https://t.co/qXcbZL7ATd #katv7 #arnews
All the puppies today on @GoodAfternoonAR! Happy #NationalPuppyDay!
Arkansas' attorney general is appealing a judge's order halting the state from issuing #medicalmarijuana cultivation licenses to the state Supreme Court.

https://t.co/gFc93bNNQR #katv7
President Trump on Friday announced he would sign a $1.3 trillion spending bill after threatening to veto it. Some of his concerns about the bill:

https://t.co/oV1PcPk9fl #KATV7
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