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Kate Brannen

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The Trump Campaign is asking you to believe that Trump is personally providing these unbelievable matches to all campaign donations.

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"The rushing through of Barrett’s nomination four years after McConnell denied even a hearing to Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland is an antidemocratic heist of historic dimensions" -- @JohnCassidy 

@just_security  has you covered today, with analysis on international law and national security stories from around the globe.

Trump's closing arguments: 1) Hunter! 2) Remember swine flu?! 3) Don't count all the ballots.

"We have legitimized the idea that political power accrues to money and money accrues to political power. That can be a precondition to totalitarianism because it is so blatantly anti-democratic." Fantastic intvu between @AnandWrites  & @mashagessen :


This interview should serve as a warning to Republicans in the Senate: You don't even know yet what you're covering up.

According to @RepAdamSchiff , a whistleblower lodged an urgent complaint about wrongdoing within the Intelligence Community.

Btw, America did panic. We ran out of toilet paper! Remember?

Shouldn't we be talking every day about how we're going to safely vote in November?

The impeachment trial is over but the evidence is still coming out. New unredacted emails confirm how deeply OMB misled Congress. Me for @just_security :

"My wife has now tested positive for COVID. The collateral damage is going to be pretty significant, I think." - @shearm  tells @axios .

A reminder: The CIA General Counsel made a CRIMINAL REFERRAL to the Justice Department based on the whistleblower complaint and the details of the July 25 phone call.

A new email, obtained by @weareoversight , reveals what we knew to be true: There was no policy review of the Ukraine funding taking place last summer. That was the cover-up story.