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By the power vested in me by Steve Mnuchin, whose cigars will taste a little sweeter as he lights them with the freshly-printed fire-starter he picked up the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, I declare it beer o'clock.
Has Mnuchin really not done his homework analyzing the macroeconomic consequences of his tax cut, or has he done the analysis and won’t share it because the analysis shows it’s a bad idea?
Fortunately this trend line will reverse now that it's legal to saw bits off elephants and import them as a trophy. https://t.co/1p8p3eTWsO
This is completely unacceptable behavior, and male economists have just got to do better. And departments have got to be willing to pass on hiring clowns like this.https://t.co/gQOQPZvpad
The equilibrium effects of tipping Uber drivers are more interesting than you think: https://t.co/f9vjRkIz1b
The Economist discovers that being elected President raises your public profile. https://t.co/70uvrHZ624
@mattyglesias @brianbeutler If you really believe that after-tax rates of return are irrelevant to investment, then I don't understand why you follow Fed debates so closely.
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