Canadians / Quebec City

Tonight, Canadians grieve for those killed in a cowardly attack on a mosque in Quebec City. My thoughts are with victims & their families.

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Canadians / Quebec City

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If you just look at what they’ve said publicly, the president has acknowledged he was asking Zelensky to investigate the Bidens and Mulvaney has said the president’s desire for an investigation into the DNC server/2016 was one of the reasons the aid was held up. Not in dispute.

Jo Swinson hasn't tweeted a single time this election asking people to register to vote. Is she worried people saddled in debt from university will remember? Register to vote today: #RegisterToVote 

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Even the Democrats’ OWN witnesses agreed: Ukraine is safer today because of President@realDonaldTrump !

“Jim Jordan says facts are on Trump's side after week of public impeachment hearings” @BretBaier 

FBI lawyer falsified a key document to help them get the Carter Page FISA! FISA abuse report coming soon.

Of the Ukraine/DNC server conspiracy theory that POTUS continues to push, remember his former WH homeland security adviser Tom Bossert calls it “completely debunked... it has no validity.”

We are witnessing a criminal enterprise involving all the President’s men. I encourage my Republican colleagues to put country over party. Our democracy deserves justice.

Remembering this day. It was also a Friday, November 22, 1963 when I heard the news at Brookwood Elementary, Hope, AR that President Kennedy had been assassinated. The nation was shattered. I remember vividly though it's been 56 yrs. JFK was inspirational to all.

. @Peggynoonannyc ⁩: “As to impeachment itself, the case has been so clearly made you wonder what exactly the Senate will be left doing. How will they hold a lengthy trial with a case this clear?“