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Co-creator and voice of rick and morty. Voice of lemongrab. House of cosbys. Maybe someday I can help someone.

Latest Scoops

Will YOU be an accountant? Start your career now. Seriously. Even if you don’t have PSVR, buy it anyway. Having it in your library alone is enough to kick off a rewarding career in accounting, plus we are eventually adding non VR support. https://t.co/QN1dG7BSyU
Everything is cannon in the infinite multiverse
New hip drink at the bar. It’s called a “Fist in my ass” it’s a shot of vodka clean.
Amazing show by @chaoschaosband tonight at @bottomofthehill in SF
My preferred method of consuming “Kill Tony” is the video cast. Available here: https://t.co/UT9DDv16De. It’s an open mic night where the newbies get roasted/ critiqued by a panel of great comics. Hilarious.
This show needs to be a household name. I will help.
That’s a trip! What the fuck I didn’t even notice the Meeseeks hoodie in your twitter pic!
Just recently discovered @KILLTONY and I am baffled at how well kept a secret this beautiful show is. I will binge every episode I can find over the next year until I am caught up.
When we get the tech to record our dreams in high def, we will need new privacy legislation to protect us.
The new issue of Mad is awesome and technically it’s the first issue of Mad. https://t.co/vZCVJoZSkt
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