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Co-creator and voice of rick and morty. Voice of lemongrab. House of cosbys. Maybe someday I can help someone.

Latest Scoops

Check out Blark and Son!! I’m the voice of Junior! Look at this lunatic https://t.co/zg4HlolNqj
Check out my NOT a flame thrower! I will NOT be… https://t.co/LkB7V6EPFL
It’s happening! @squanchgames @PlayStation #TroverSavesTheUniverse
Here’s Kanye’s B-day song. Rick gives Kanye some tender birthday love. Morty is very concerned about the whole thing. This version is high quality, mixed. @KimKardashian @kanyewest https://t.co/1bbzJjucDi
Having fun signing Cryptozoic @RickandMorty trading cards.
It will appreciate rapidly upon my untimely death. Good investment!
I have the original Polaroid. One of a kiiind. https://t.co/0JQz1h5pTo
I am honored to be a part of these awesome and comedic games in support of VR and I am lucky to have worked with these incredible teams. Get a PSVR! @crowsx3 @OwlchemyLabs https://t.co/SJlT3CJvBx
I guess if you bought the Rick and Morty s3 DVD (not Blu-ray) you’re missing the end of “Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” so that’s kind of neat. They’re being recalled and will be replaced making them extweeemy coweectobow
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