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Co-creator and voice of rick and morty. Voice of lemongrab. House of cosbys. Maybe someday I can help someone.

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#Repost @Courtney (get_repost)
Can we focus on the other victims in Hollywood that just need… https://t.co/cznFnN9qva
I really want an HD remake of burnout 3 takedown. That one had the mode where you could cause huge accidents in order to rack up the most monetary damage, right?
Skyrim is downloading on my switch. I don’t even know if I’ll get around to playing it... it’s just the fact that I have Skyrim on a portable. @BethesdaStudios you guys are the best.
Hide that delivery fee baby. Hide it real good. "Free delivery" but then a "service fee" buried under a submenu. @Postmates it's a delivery fee. Nobody cares. Quit acting shady. Also: sign up and use my code: 9R6K
Got my @TheBoringComp hat today! These tunnels can't come soon enough. Thank you @elonmusk for tunnels. Gotta love them tunnels. Also: check out https://t.co/D5i6sJ7Xs2 if you want one! Fits perfect
Anyone know who makes/ sells a great 72" (long) feather down hypoallergenic pillow? I see some on amazon but I have no idea. Realizing it's a strange thing to want. I turn to you, my friends, for direction and advice. #important2017
Is it just me or does anyone else wish they were @taylorswift13 ?
Oof. I see why they have it buried. Why are things funnier to younger minds? WHY DO WE ALL DIE?
It's been removed!!
Why can't I find "the mimic" SNL sketch with @AlecBaldwin online anywhere? Been looking non stop since 5pm today #help
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