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Co-creator and voice of rick and morty. Voice of lemongrab. House of cosbys. Maybe someday I can help someone.

Latest Scoops

Anyone work at an ATV dealership that sells @HondaATV somewhere near Tracy/ Modesto/ Stockton California area?
I know you’re out there somewhere MariaGuadalupe. Happy birthday to you https://t.co/zuEOrGzxxZ
My pal for life, ladies and gentlemen, time machine @danharmon
Hey y’all! Anyone work at the Winchester mystery house? Or know someone who does? #Winchester
Can YOU find the secret zoo level?? @PlayStation #psvr https://t.co/yXQelm3qUL
@ManMadeMoon We need a VR app that does for the human body what google earth VR does for geography. I learned more in a few hours on google earth than I did my entire time in school.
At @NAMMShow for @KorgUSA so much amazing GEAR!! PROLOGUE!
I drew this while Asy played piano. Art for @jablonsky_steve in exchange for keytar. https://t.co/iop9qgvoyA
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