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Retired from the NBA as the all-time leading scorer off the bench(19,202). Suns announcer since 2001, Sirius XM radio co-host (NBA Today Show) and Author.

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I have never encountered two competitors like these two. Whether it be on the basketball court or playing cards: Tonk or Bid Whist, You think you know MJ and Magic Hmmm. You have to meet Micheal and Earvin. Maniacal might be a good description playing cards! 😊😊😬.
@TermineRadio @All_NBA_GregReally, would you bet your career on it? After you do. Please show us phone records or recorded conversation. Who does that sound like Hypocrite? That’s your constant line arguing with me. Prove it.
A basketball court is 94 feet, but today’s players mostly play 50 feet and if they add a 4 point shot it would drop to 42 feet. Your thoughts? I will respond. #4pointshot #nba
It would be great if our @Suns can end this streak before we head into the break!
Read entire thread within my last tweet, then you will understand why most people have no clue about the internal workings regarding leadership within a team. You will know now when teammates and in my opinion the greatest coach ever sings it.Rondo is playing that role for LBJ
Here is something for the haters talking about leadership on a team and have zero clue. This involves arguably the greatest ever!
Historically the superstar player is not the emotional leader. So what Rondo is doing is not new. Pippen, D Fisher, Joe Dumars, Cedric Maxwell and Dennis Johnson. Led for MJ, Kobe and Shaq, Bird. Etcc. Stop looking for new stoop things to blame LBJ. It’s more haterade. #LBJ
Hmmm @LouisvilleMBB like ain’t no freshman kicking my butt @DukeMBB they are handing it to them.
It does not look good in LA. I have seen this too many times entering all star break, teams trying to make playoffs losing to bad teams creates news!
Jordan: 6 titles tougher than players' streaks MJ is correct, but what he is saying is neither has 1 and i get it! #airjordan #westbrook #harden

The Most Relevant

I once talked smack to Larry Bird and he proceeded to give me 35 and he described to me every move he would make beforehand! @NBA
He has also beaten and a 73 win team . Add that in while you continuously hate. Name 1 team MJ beat that's equivalent? Smh
I continue to encourage you haters like and all the rest. Enjoy greatness. We have never seen this before from a great in his 15th season. He has become the best clutch playoff performer ever and numbers back it up #NBAPlayofffs
For my Greek Followers. Good times are always remembered @OlympiakosInfo
Every player in NBA was taught and encouraged to dive on floor during their career @matthewdelly leave this guy alone @NBATV #CavsHawks
This is why we love Chuck. This openness helps and encourages so many people who have similar situations to be proactive
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I am extremely excited for @JCrossover tonight. He will move past me on the NBA scoring list 19,202 and become the All Time leading scorer off the bench and to never make an All Star team, This man is straight class on and off the court! @Suns
The most unbelievable accomplishment I have ever seen from any player ever in sports to get this team to the finals. Bow down to the King. #CelticsVsCavs
i have said for years that AAU has ruined the competitive spirit at the college and NBA level. Now we are seeing it and we can't just blame the players. Grassroots basketball has to change by not allowing players from different states to play on the same team. #nba
He didn’t go to a 73 win team. He didn’t go to Lakers already armed with other players. He didn’t run when PG stayed in and he has come to the West where critics have said he would never come! #LebronWatch2018 #nba
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