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Eddie A Johnson

Eddie A Johnson

Retired from the NBA as the all-time leading scorer off the bench(19,202). Suns announcer since 2001, Sirius XM radio co-host NBA Today Show with @termineradio

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Perimeter players in the @NBA  might as well play with a red jersey on like a Quarterback in practice. You can not touch them or be in their space , but they can grab your arm, jump into you and flop. Meanwhile post players get ripped to shreds! #clippersvskings 

The @SacramentoKings  just beat the @Clippers on their floor., but Clipper fans will say it’s ok, we signed players the Lakers wanted and we beat them twice. So we will beat them despite being 6 games behind Lakers and 3 games from being a 7th seed! Bad mindset! #LAClippers 

This is what happens when you have a player who shuns the robotic/analytic way of playing (Kawhi) passing to a player that has been cloned into the robotic way of playing (Shamet) in a tie game and has a layup. We know the 3 is better! 😂But Kawhi didn’t think so! #analytics 

Perfect pass for a layup, you are a robot

This is for the people who don’t understand. Number 8 Bogdan had to take Harrell. If Shamet had angled like we were taught since grade school towards the basket. The ball would have jumped up in his hands for an easy layup and we would be saying that was a fantastic pass.

Excellent freeze frame breakdown. Hard for robots to see that.

Is it a question this guy named LBJ can close a game! Has done it consistently! #CelticsvsLakers 

The @suns  having a party tonight at the expense of the now struggling @utahjazz  On their home floor.

The @Bucks  traveled up to “We are the North” @Raptors and said “Fear the Deer” and they are correct. This team is no joke. Master Lock defense on every Raptor in 2nd Half! #BucksvsRaptors 

The @PelicansNBA  are not intimidated of the @Lakers  because the have confident scorers in B Ingram and Jrue Holiday and an enforcer in Zion#lakersvspelicans 


No one is at fault for KD getting injured. This is what athletes do. We love to play the game and we are risk takers. Thats why we survived and made it. For you couch potatoes who have no clue what sacrifice is stay in your lazy lane. You love to comment but take off for a cold!

I once talked smack to Larry Bird and he proceeded to give me 35 and he described to me every move he would make beforehand! @NBA 

Two of our brightest young players. @TheTraeYoung  and @DevinBook  Take 24 shots and their makes add up to 24. God sends messages on a day where #24  is remembered. ??. #RIPKobe 

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Will someone please convince Kyrie to spend a few thousand dollars to go on one those expensive leadership conferences? This is unreal.

The @Raptors  are beating the @warriors  in a classy way. No trash talking and no animated actions after they score. They truly have taken on Kawhi L character! #GSWvsTOR  #NBAFinals2019 

He has also beaten and a 73 win team . Add that in while you continuously hate. Name 1 team MJ beat that's equivalent? Smh

For the people bashing Joel Embiid for showing emotion, you are jealous, envious, sad individuals. You have no clue what it takes to love something so much to cry! Game , Season was over and that hurts. I felt that in 97 when John Stockton did it to me as a member of Rockets @NBA 

A few years ago my nephew @THESTAYUPFDN  had a devastating car accident that ruptured his spine. He is my hero. He has stayed positive and fought like a #%#%%. Look at him now. Please follow him and keep encouraging!

Hey @suns  fans. Hit those ballot boxes for @DevinBook  the kid deserves it. He is playing unreal basketball.

Listen, @carmeloanthony  you better stop embarrassing these robot analyst’s with this efficient basketball. Remember they said you were done. Notice they are quiet!must be a virus going around! #blazers