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Julia Angwin

Investigative journalist. Editor-in-Chief of The Markup (@team_markup). Formerly @ProPublica, @WSJ. Author of Dragnet Nation.

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We are grateful to our funders @craignewmark  @macfound  @FordFoundation  @knightfdn  @OpenSociety  peter_barbey for supporting us through this transition. /4

But most of all I am thankful for so many of you. I never knew I had so many friends until I got fired in April. So many of you supported me, signed petitions, advocated for our cause publicly and privately. I can’t thank you enough. /5

That support made all the difference during these stressful past few months when the team was working (ok, and doing a lot of eating) at my kitchen table. We are back at the office now and so thrilled to be back to work. THANK YOU

@amywebb  @team_markupI  @knightfdnn  @craignewmarkd  @FordFoundatione  @macfounded , our business model is predicated on a unique privacy promise: and I would love to discuss @nabihasyed  our approach with you!

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@jonathanstray  @heratylawT  @team_markuphere  are plenty of journalists in Silicon Valley reporting on “open secrets at industry parties” etc. We are focused on the impact of technology on society .. which means we are more likely to be reporting in Detroit or Houston or partnering with journalists in Myanmar.

@muckrakery  @zephoriaUsing  people’s data to predict whether they will be arrested for future crimes, and then using that prediction to sentence them for a current crime.

Facebook allowing housing ads that are discriminatory by age?! I thought they promised to fix that by now...

These bots that have been harassing me with these exact phrases for two years.. Not sure why I never muted them before, but it feels good to do it now.


Last year I wrote about how Facebook let housing advertisers discriminate by race: Today: turns out Facebook didn’t fix it, despite its promises.

Roger Ailes once threatened me that he had the rest of his life to get back at me for an article I wrote. Looks like he ran out of time.

So.. Google will prevent ad-blockers other than AdBlockPlus from running in Chrome … ...One day after Google won an antitrust ruling that said it was OK for Google to pay AdBlockPlus to whitelist Google's ad tracking.

My latest investigation: Facebook’s secret censorship algorithm that protects white men more than black children.

The deed is done. My inbox is dead. Don't email me at my ProPublica email address for now.

TBH, its kind of a clever attack. I’m guessing its related to our story on tech os that help monetize hate

It's surprisingly delightful to not be able to receive any emails to my work address. Now I know why those inbox zero nuts are so happy!

Hey Twitter - any advice on what to do when somebody malevolent signs you up for a thousand email subscriptions, making your email unusable?