Dr Paul Offitt

with all focus on #coronavirus  it's important to remember deadly toll #measles  is still taking around the globe: Dr. Paul Offitt "it's a disease that is so contagious you don't even have to have face to face contact, you just need to be in the same air space" to @hari  @NewsHour 

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Dr Paul Offitt

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More than an hour after he was scheduled to speak, former President Trump starts his CPAC speech by saying, “Do you miss me yet?”

An iceberg larger than New York City has broken off an ice shelf in Antarctica, scientists say.

Question: did anyone cover the speeches of fellow one-termers Carter or George HW Bush one month after they lost the presidency?

New York governor Andrew Cuomo backs down on plan to pick lawyer to review alleged sexual misconduct

#Trump puts to rest concern he will split Republican Party, hints at 2024 run: 'I may even decide to beat them FOR A THIRD TIME' #CPAC 

At least 18 protesters killed in Myanmar in worst violence since coup

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What will the world will look like when China and India switch from being headwinds slowing down global decarbonization, to tailwinds accelerating our path toward zero? @davidfickling  assesses the possibilities

It's Pisces season indeed ✨ LOOK: A giant "fish" was spotted from the shores of Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental on Friday in a fascinating cloud formation. Pia Regalado, ABS-CBN News (Photos: Marvin Atay Ibañez)

Rep. @RashidaTlaib  questions Fed Chair Powell: 'Half of the American people do not own a single share of stock. And we continue to hear about [how] the stock market is booming and the economy is bouncing back, and where I come from, Chairman, we are not seeing that recovery.'