Mueller himself has proven 2 things: 1) He wasn’t in charge 2) He didn’t know what was going on. So.....did the deep state write the report, too?

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@RepDonBeyer  @LFFriedmanWell  done, Congressman. Hard to believe Wheeler never read a wish list that (1) belonged to his lobbying client, (2) he was photographed with and (3) has been the subject of broad media coverage since. Oh and which he has carried out virtually to the letter.

Democracy can no longer be denied: Congress must make Washington, DC the 51st state. Hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians deserve the same representation as every other citizen. #DCStatehood 

Jobs are obviously very important. But it’s also worth asking what kind of economic *outputs* would most improve people’s lives, and I’m mostly seeing services … child/health/elder care plus a dash of faster commutes and more dwellings in high-wage metro areas.

Rep. Adam Schiff: "A profound concern we have over what we have seen over the last year which is a concerted strategy to run out the clock on any information getting to Congress."

Shane Gillis jokes about Trump assassination in first comedy show since "SNL" rejection

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Nurses are the backbone of our health care system. I stand with the 2,200 nurses set to strike tomorrow in Chicago and trust them when it comes to knowing what is best for their patients.

🚨BREAKING🚨 My #AutismCARES  bill is headed to the President’s desk for his signature. With autism’s growing prevalence in NJ and across the nation, the investment we make for research and to address an individual’s evolving needs across a lifespan is more critical than ever.

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"Illegally transferring billions of dollars from the military and now handing over our public lands for more border militarization is an abuse of power-- one that will have ripple effects and ruinous harm long after [Trump's] presidency." #NoBorderWall 

Net favorability rating amongst BritsBoris Johnson: July 2019 -27% Sept 2019 -16% Jeremy Corbyn: July 2019 -48% Sept 2019 -49% YouGov

@PeteButtigieg  accuses the Trump WH of “muzzling the Inspector General’s independence” #TheLead