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  3. i'm guest hosting @seanhannity - you don't want to miss it. see you tonight 9pm @foxnews.
I'm guest hosting @seanhannity - you don't want to miss it. See you tonight 9pm @FoxNews.


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Trump and Republicans don't want you to vote this November. I have some bad news for them: we're heading to the polls and we're voting them out. #VoteWithBernie
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"I don't understand why it's so difficult to be seen as the person that you want to be"

@drew_ashlyn - vlogger, make-up artist and trans woman - on why she wants rules on changing gender simplified

🎥 See part 1: https://t.co/On8fjvnyqW #politicslive #GRA

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Dems want to outlaw one of the only affordable healthcare coverage options available to prime-age, middle-class Americans who aren't covered through work.

Dems: "If you like your plan, don’t worry because we plan to take it away.”

#ampFW https://t.co/afR9vjkEW6
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