Judd Legum

Americans are going through a lot right now. We shouldn't be subjected to a tantrum from the president every afternoon.

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Chris Rock didn’t miss talking about bad apples. How can you not agree with his point?

2. All leaders of Antifa must be rounded up ASAP.  The citizens in these communities are being terrorized by violent mobs.  It’s also now a national security issue.

Shark season is coming to #AnimalCrossing ! Here are all of the wildlife species you can catch on your island in June 🦈:

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Now the Democrats and media push their narrative

The United States of America. 2020. The mask really is starting to drop isn't it under Trump. Excuse the pun.

Watch this dog help his brother learn how to bike ❤️️

i was shocked and relieved when this cop pulled the other‘s knee off this man’s neck. the fact that we have so much doubt about those who have sworn to protect us is unsettling #seattleprotest 

That awkward moment when you have to stare at a text for five minutes to figure out how to reply.