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Tonight, on Fox News...

"I cannot get enough of Donald Trump's Twitter feed. If you are not enjoying it, I feel bad. This is the best thing ever happening in the world."
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Doral, one of his golf courses, is nicknamed "The Blue Monster"
Ivanka’s signature real estate deals were disasters linked to drug cartels and money laundering https://t.co/ZS8b6FBqSg
5. Any male who refuses to meet privately with women on the grounds that he can't be sure he won't engage in sexual harassment or assault should be fired. It's not safe to have such men aroundhttps://t.co/JgcsjXsen4.
4. If you are a manager. You need to treat all your employees the same. That means occasionally meeting with them privately. This is a basic task in almost any jobhttps://t.co/JgcsjXsen4.
3. The idea that the answer to sexual harassment is to avoid women is the kind of sexist thinking that leads to sexual harassment in the first plachttps://t.co/JgcsjXsen4e
2. If you are a man and believe that the only way you can avoid sexually harassing women is to avoid ever being alone with a woman, you do not need the Pence Rule -- you need counselinhttps://t.co/JgcsjXsen4g
1. The Pence Rule is for morons https://t.co/FTeTui3gMC
The walls are closing in on Jared Kushner https://t.co/Cx6mVYiG17
Alabama governor says she believes child sex abuse allegations, will vote for Roy Moore anyway https://t.co/dM8tpjj1L0
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