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Joy Reid
question for any democratic house committee member or member s office why is hope hicks getting to testify in
Question for any Democratic House committee member or member's office: why is Hope Hicks getting to testify in secret? Why was Donald Trump Jr. allowed to do so? Can someone explain the benefit to the public, if any?

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@dna 8 months
usmidtermelections after democratic takeover trump critics set to lead house committees
#USMidtermElections: After #Democratic takeover, #Trump critics set to lead House committees

Ahram Online
democratic house win poses challenges chances for trump
#Democratic #House win poses challenges, chances for #Trump
cbsnews reports trump has called nancypelosi to congratulate her on democratic control of house
.@CBSNews reports #Trump has called @NancyPelosi to congratulate her on #Democratic control of House.
Rasmussen Reports
a commentary by kkondik raising the ceiling but not the floor on potential democratic house gains
A Commentary By @kkondik: "Raising the Ceiling, but Not the Floor, on Potential #Democratic #House Gains"
ST Foreign Desk
house panel clears release of democratic rebuttal to gop memo forcing showdown
House panel clears release of #Democratic rebuttal to #GOP #memo, forcing showdown
The News & Observer
despite democratic opposition nc house map wins final approval ncpol ncga
Despite #Democratic opposition, NC House map wins final approval
#ncpol #ncga
Aiken Standard
democratic candidate jennifer lariscey wants to be voice of change for sc house district84
#Democratic candidate Jennifer Lariscey wants to be voice of change for S.C. House #District84
house minority leader nancy pelosi embodies how out of touch democratic party leadership is with voters
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi embodies how out of touch #Democratic Party leadership is with voters:
Sonia Dridi
only women the democratic women of the house leadership of women makes a stronger america says one of them
Only #women ! The #democratic women of the House "Leadership of women makes a stronger #America" says one of them.
CBC News Alerts
latest on nobillnobreak sit in by us democratic representatives more than a dozen politicians remained in hous
Latest on #NoBillNoBreak sit-in by U.S. #Democratic representatives: More than a dozen politicians remained in #House as dawn broke. #uspoli
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AFP news agency
breaking saudi arabia has decided to host us soldiers saudi defence ministry
#BREAKING Saudi Arabia has decided to host US soldiers: Saudi defence ministry
NWS St. Louis
who isn t enjoying the heat well we have great news for you a significant cool down is coming next week temper
Who isn't enjoying the heat? Well we have GREAT news for you! A significant cool down is coming next week! Temperatures by Monday will be in the upper 70s and low 80s! This cooler weather looks to persist through much of next week and perhaps even into next weekend! Who's ready!?
Lou Dobbs
for to call supporters a mob that needs to go back into a corner is unheard of the former fired amp disgraced
#AmericaFirst -@SaraCarterDC : For@projectexile7 @POTUS to call supporters a mob that needs to go back into a corner, is unheard of. The former, fired & disgraced, FBI director needs to keep his mouth#MAGA #Dobbsclosed.
Chris Hayes
if i were the dnc i would be spending a lot of money learning basically everything i could about 2012 obama vo
If I were the DNC, I would be spending a lot of money learning basically everything I could about 2012 Obama voters who didn’t vote in 2016.
Chris Hayes
i said very clearly that trumpism the ideology must be destroyed that the bigotry must be confronted and destr
@dbongino I said very clearly that Trumpism, the ideology must be destroyed. That the bigotry must be confronted and destroyed. Not his supporters. The headline is wrong. There's no way you will agree with the monologue but that's a garbage mischaracterization.
Rotten Tomatoes
first teaser for netflix s thewitcher starring henry cavill as geralt
First teaser for Netflix's #TheWitcher, starring Henry Cavill as Geralt.
@CNN 2 hours
before you storm area 51 you might want to make a stop in oklahoma this animal shelter is inviting people to p
Before you storm Area 51, you might want to make a stop in Oklahoma.

This animal shelter is inviting people to pick up some adorable tin-foil-hat-wearing critters to "protect you from the Area 51 aliens."
ABC News
@ABC 2 hours
the comments made were hurtful wrong and completely unacceptable canadian prime minister justin trudeau sharpl
"The comments made were hurtful, wrong and completely unacceptable."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sharply criticizes Pres. Trump over his attacks on four female members of Congress.
Keith Olbermann
were going to kill champion tomorrow because he tried to save his human owner hospitalized loyal terrified cha
WE’RE GOING TO KILL CHAMPION TOMORROW BECAUSE HE TRIED TO SAVE HIS HUMAN? Owner hospitalized; loyal, terrified, Champion #68053 broke out of the basement and nipped someone. He deserves not death but our pledges via @chortletown for a Rescue. PLEASE RT!
Lou Dobbs
there is no such thing as a sanctuary for criminals where police cant arrest people the church and individual
#AmericaFirst -@robertjeffress : There is no such thing as a sanctuary for criminals where police can’t arrest people. The Church and individuals are wrong if they help people break the law.#MAGA #Dobbs
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