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Thank you!!! 😁
Trump is that uncle you used to let do toasts at the family gathering,
Of all the things I thought would happen, an interview with @voguemagazine was not among them. TY @edwardbarsamian! https://t.co/6xxdGpCQKF
On @TheBeatWithAri next!
#ShootPrep ... see who hopped into this chair, this weekend on #AMJoy https://t.co/9ShqZHzfRK
#ShootPrep ... see the hillaryclinton interview that happened next, tomorrow on #AMjoy! https://t.co/Eb8ndySU77
Bill O'Reilly was on "Inside Edition" and people thought he did the news.
Donald Trump was on a reality show. He is now the president.
Source tells me Gary Cohn staffers are circulating resumes. Cohn tenure looking shaky. Out the door once tax cut plan lands? Tick tock...
Thanks Judith! ❤️
Of course !!
Well thank you!
On eith @TJMShow and family, including my play cousin @jacquereid next! Tune in if you're up!
When you realize you missed Earth Wind and Fire Day...
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Legit question.
Not even code. They're just not the only ones.
You won't be disappointed. She had a lot to say!
His son's wife is African-American.
Haha, thanks!! 😁
Behind the scenes at the #AMJoy hillaryclinton interview. Tune in for our in-depth discussion… https://t.co/v30FaK4tnK
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