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So excited for you, sister. Congrats!!!
“Senior Republican staffers...learned of the allegation last week and...expressed concern about its potential impact on Kavanaugh’s nomination. Soon after, Senate Republicans issued renewed calls to accelerate the timing of a committee vote....” https://t.co/AJlHO7fpKz
I’m glad there was an Anthony Bourdain, even for not long enough.
And that’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in to this Saturday’s edition of #amjoy! And thanks to our great guests! See you tomorrow ☺️ https://t.co/zaFZnqSVHX
Hope to see you there, NYC tweeps! https://t.co/8OJkblVFAw
#amjoy #afterwords: two of our faves, @tifcrossmyheart and @ZerlinaMaxwell had more to say about the Kavanaugh hearings, and who they thought was the unsung Senate star. Take a look! https://t.co/BGk96CkCeM
Thanks for being on, Judd! And congrats on the launch of https://t.co/sopoS56Bt4!
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