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Team Trump Used Obamacare Money to Run PR Effort Against It https://t.co/cchzfEQT1d
Thanks for tuning in to tonight's @allinwithchris - enjoy the @maddow show!
Belated #throwbackthursday pic - me (right), my sister junecarryl and my godbrother rasscon back… https://t.co/yQixuOGd0o
"Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the Russia probe..."https://t.co/ywpYDIHuMd
This is quintessential Linkin Park: https://t.co/dhxNnODXQS #RIPChester
In which @SHSanders45 brings visual aids to a briefing where cameras are barred... https://t.co/S2b718vUsm
It doesn't surprise me, given how little he knows, that @charlescwcooke, takes me for a Louise fan. https://t.co/aXv6IoLIo4
How surreal is it to watch O.J. Simpson on TV all these decades later, and especially after watching "Made In America." #OJSimpsonParole
Remember this? Trump's sale of $100 million mansion in Palm Beach to Russian is a wild, weird tale @MiamiHerald https://t.co/6H7pypVAwH
More detail: the Mueller probe has absorbed the @PreetBharara money laundering investigation. Also @SecretaryRoss might want to lawyer up.https://t.co/5eDuqIuz2R
Tucker Carlson stays Tucker Carlsoning. @Wonkette https://t.co/jvqeCBjvZf
Lost in all the crazy today: GOP Lawmaker Rohrbacher took direction Moscow, tried to stage anti-Magnitsky show trial https://t.co/KTYOrTQ8FX
@hauterodjohnson @TheZasuPitts I don't care. At all. It's an offensive premise, presuming absolute weakness and permanent capitulation by people who look like me. Never.
@hauterodjohnson @TheZasuPitts It plays to a rather concrete American fantasy: slavery that never ends, becoming a permanent state for black people. Repugnant.
My thought exactly.
I'd rather watch lint. This is absolutely repugnant.
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