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Podcast latest: @EAlexTheGreat talks Black Panther and her own amazing comic book series #ConcretePark with me and @jacquereid on @reidthisreidtha ! https://t.co/sQdBMIXKw2 - and catch Erika on #AMJoy tomorrow in the 11:00 hour! #BlackGirlMagic
.@jack @twitter; you know what would be a great addition to @twitter? Adding a way to report users who appear to be bots. That way Twitter could at least look into them.
Snap poll: with the current administration doing all that is doing, do you think Obama's elf has changed his mind about being Obama's Elf?
And if you've somehow missed the original Obama's Elf, here he is, in all his sadness... https://t.co/IhXv8IyHuL
Happening now in the office: @lexisb and I just stumbled across the return of Obama's Elf. It's Youtube gold. You're welcome. https://t.co/j6o93FN6Z2
Parkland Students to President @RealDonaldTrump: Stay ‘Far Away’ From Us https://t.co/4rBgfqkBSr via @thedailybeast
Her name is now associated with death and tragedy, but thought you should know who Marjory Stoneman Douglas was; https://t.co/uOsEt0Tcc8 #womenshistory #environmentalism @ushistory
It’s part of why they’re so angry and alienated.
If Laura thinks a single, solitary athlete is going to take orders from her to “shut up and entertain her,” as if people with a literal global fanbase and independent wealth care whether she and her Trumpists are “entertained,” she is as sad a figure as there is.
Like Trump, Laura and her crowd would love to have still-current celebrities, sports stars etc embrace them and their platforms. They’re mad because they stand outside the velvet rope of popular culture, stuck with the likes of Ted Nugent. https://t.co/brMOAx2EXU
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