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“... this allows nerve reflexes to travel along the Cardi B neural pathway...”
And that’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in to this weekend’s #amjoy shows and here’s to our great guests! Loving this quad: @ZerlinaMaxwell @jess_mc johnfugelsang and yours truly. Have a… https://t.co/UnQpovJsL8
This morning on #amjoy ... johnfugelsang joins us to talk SCOTUS, and the new parody interview show from sachabaroncohen - see you at 10am ET! https://t.co/c4YDY1GP5F
Also this morning, @RevDrBarber responds to Paula White. As I said, lots to get to!
Lots to get to on this morning's #AMJoy:
- The indictments ...
- The protests in London and Scotland ...
- The (still on) Putin meeting ...
- The migrant children, including those still awaiting reunions with their parents...
- And Trump & the NATO alliance
See you at 10 am ET!
‘Warning Lights Are Blinking Red,’ Top Intelligence Officer Says of Russian Attacks - The New York Times https://t.co/rhWpnFVVdX
“What happened was tantamount to blackmail, with the U.S. holding the world hostage and trying to overturn nearly 40 years of consensus on best way to protect infant and young child health,” she said. https://t.co/vCLTzfBNaM
Next year for sure, sis, but @TheRevAl has to teach me some dance moves first so I can keep up! Xo
And that’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in to #amjoy this weekend and for helping us trend both days! Cheers to our great guests, producers and crew. See you next week!! https://t.co/JcLNZNpeR3
And that’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in to today’s #AMJoy! And thanks to all our great guests. See you tomorrow! https://t.co/wVphG2QVmc
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