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Josh Norris

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Hey you. Thanks for listening to the Monday morning roundup pods all season long. Every game recapped in just over an hour iTunes: Spotify:

I mean he rushed for 630+ yards and 10 TDs too

Re-watching 49ers-Saints A showcase of stars. A platform for role players. Everyone had their moment to shine, and that can be chalked up to incredible playcalling on both sides. A joy to watch

In this, the 2019-20 NFL season, it would be a shame if the Tennessee Titans did not make the playoffs They're playing fun football

Eli looking for his checkdown 0.7 seconds after the ball is snapped is the kind of primetime football we need

I'll have whatever you're having tonight


Al Davis after DK Metcalf’s 4.33

3 man rush leaves 3 defenders on Tyreek Hill. TD, Mahomes to Hill.

wish odell was playing with someone like daniel jones

The worst call of the preseason. Called a personal foul for “landing with his body weight”

Josh Rosen turned 21 years old last month. This is a great (and self aware) answer describing authenticity.

Top 10 video of all time. Indisputable (via @FG_Dolan )

y'all look at derek carr's day vs seattle

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