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Health official urges people not to flock to 'heaving' Blackpool

Harding: a September rise in demand for tests - as schools and universities returned full time - "wasn't in any of the modelling".

Health minister wrote to Stockport MP @NavMishra_Lab ⁩ promising a new testing centre for the area. Great, he thought! Only problem is that it’s 240 miles away in Kent. 😑

Excl on troubled test-and-trace system: government drafts in ‘hundreds’ of staff from management consultants KPMG New private firm due to to start work within days to try save crucial tracing programme from collapse

Midfield looked ragged in the last 15/20 minutes. Seemed to lose the discipline of man marking and closing the passing lanes. As a result Reed and others got a lot of joy.

Absolutely crazy how we’re not skying the ball from three yards out anymore. Look so clinical.

Alioski for Bamford. “That’ll be a like for like switch” This commentator hasn’t seen much of Leeds the past two years has he?

@staceywacywoo  @piersmorganHi  Stacey. I know you've been contacted by other media so sorry to pester you re this but would be great if we (the Guardian) could use your pictures and tweet in our story - is that okay? We'd give you a picture credit, of course. Many thanks.


Goosebumps! The amazing moment Manchester crowd joins in with woman singing Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger after minutes silence

Breaking: Adam Johnson facing up to 10 year in prison - with a starting point of five years - judge says

Johnson went on to tell her: "Was class. Just wanted to get ya jeans off lol" Girl: "Next time haha" AJ: "I will last 10 seconds tho lol"

Johnson searched internet for "legal age of consent" on 3 Feb, days after alleged sexual activity with 15 year old girl, court told

AJ's girlfriend sent him pic of their baby. AJ: "She looks class" – 30 seconds after he text girl to say "I will last 10 seconds tho lol"

Excl: Cabinet minister Robert Jenrick - who has repeatedly urged people to stay at home and not visit elderly relatives - visited his parents 40 miles from his home during Covid-19 lockdown - by @murphy_simon ⁩ and me