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These kids in Rwanda still have my heart. I think of them often. They have nothing, and still laugh, smile and LOVE and enjoy the things that matter most in life. No matter what, we can ALL learn from them. Already…

Little clip of me tracking one of my favourite songs on our debut record! Love this song, such a vibe! Love my band of brothas zfgofficial, and love you all! Happy Friday! 🎥- dangoproductions . . #drums  #music …

Attempting to leg press 1000lbs a few years ago. This was as good as I could do. Form was terrible, couldn’t get a rep in deep, almost blew out my right knee but ya know... I did my best considering how heavy that…

I know lol I’ve done it before haha

@Carolin14279587  No idea! I haven’t seen those things since halfway thru that tour! The crew guy who used to dress him up probably has him somewhere!

Took my beautiful wife to be, my beautiful @Acura  #RDX  and our warm clothes up to the snowy peaks of Big Bear. Literally feel on top of the world up there! Road tripping in style!! LOVE! Gonna have to go next heavy…

Love waking up early.. hit the gym hard, in studio later! Life is good!

This is me at 4 years old.. can’t believe that since then I have achieved every wildest dream I had playing drums and making music. I’m just a boy from Bournemouth, now living in LA having played in one of the…


Who plays loud banging music at 3am?? Whoever is above me shhhhhhhhhh.

Happy 7 years @onedirection ! Proud of you lads, even more proud of where you all are standing today. Thanks for changing my life! ?

Heartbreaking to hear this news about Johannah. All my love, prayers and thoughts are with the whole Tomlinson/Deakin family. ❤️

Apologies, was just trying to put some positive energy out there in a sad time! #NothingButLove 

Not the end.. Start of a new chapter! Until next time!!

4 years! Proud to say I am a small part of it!! :)

#9yearsofonedirection how has it been 9 years already..?!Thanks @onedirection  for allowing me to have been a part of your journey. Changed my life! Nothing but love. #YouandI  #Belgium  #gopro  gopro #drumcam …

Thankyou so much to @Real_Liam_Payne  @Harry_Styles  @Louis_Tomlinson  @NiallOfficial  for having me on this immense journey. I love you boys Xx