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You're too young to understand, but this is evidence that Jack is mirror universe Hunter. The goatee is the dead giveaway.

Meyer Lemon tree. It's not happy about being brought inside for the fall.

This tweet won’t get the respect it deserves.

This is entirely wrong. The parties have never been weaker, which is why partisanship is so strong. The parties need more power to control their brands and their long term interests, rather than be paper tigers easily hijacked by pandering populists.

When people complain about excessive freedom, they almost never talk about the freedoms they enjoy, only the freedoms think other people are using wrong.

Warm take: The NYT tax return story had little impact because it only confirmed what people already believed. The same thing is happening with the Biden email story. Partisans on each side are angry that the other side isn't changing their mind about priced-in opinions.

Question: Do you actually think it should or is this just a fair shot at inconsistency?

@rkylesmith  Agreed. Though it will matter more than a little if Joe enriched himself while VP or when out office. Not condoning cashing in with scummy governments out of office but it's different materially and politically than trading on your office when in office.

Good point. I mean even Ron Paul didn't sue Cohen for the scene with the, uh, marital aids.

@pbump  You left out my favorite prop(aganda). Remember the press conference when he touted Trump magazine, Trump steaks, Trump water etc? None of them were what he claimed.


Rejecting a remote debate, Eric Trump said on @ThisWeekABC  that debating your opponent, face to face, is how we've handled presidential debates for the last 200 years. FWIW The first presidential debate was in 1960. The third Nixon Kennedy debate, also 1960, was done remotely.

I watched my brother’s addictions take a brutal toll on my Dad. It aged him physically and spiritually. The idea that Joe Biden’s text of encouragement to his (obviously messed up) son is somehow damning or embarrassing really disgusts me.

People dunking on the founding should appreciate that they’re taking a sledgehammer to the very soapbox they’re standing on. No founding, no free speech, no right to assemble, no due process. If you think that’s all just “white supremacy,” try protesting and carping without it.

So. Trump said "When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total." This is antithetical to everything conservatives have argued for 50 years. 1/

The attempt to make the Eagles event cancellation about the national anthem is just a complete act of deceitful propaganda and conservatives should have zero to do with it. If that was the issue, why schedule the event in the first place? Also: None of them kneeled. Shameful.

I've been amazed over the last week how many people don't know this story.

Just admit you committed one of the greatest Kinsley Gaffes in decades: Your office obviously released what you actually think. And now you’re scrambling to pretend something else happened. It’s dishonest and speaks to the immaturity of you, your staff and your ideas.