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Some excellent cinematography and dingo vocalizations.

What? I’m just dicking around — before the license requirements kick in.

Please keep this stuff out of the dog video replies

A remarkably unremarkable G-File heading out.

Welcoming committtee — for the missus. “Oh hi” for me.


"It was outrageous for Hillary Clinton to refer to people she disagreed with politically 'deplorable'!" Same people: "Hooray for Trump calling people who disagree with him 'human scum!'"

Just admit you committed one of the greatest Kinsley Gaffes in decades: Your office obviously released what you actually think. And now you’re scrambling to pretend something else happened. It’s dishonest and speaks to the immaturity of you, your staff and your ideas.

I've been amazed over the last week how many people don't know this story.

The attempt to make the Eagles event cancellation about the national anthem is just a complete act of deceitful propaganda and conservatives should have zero to do with it. If that was the issue, why schedule the event in the first place? Also: None of them kneeled. Shameful.

You know what would be interesting? If instead of asking senior officials whether they wrote the op-ed, reporters asked them if they believed it was accurate.

The idea that only violations of criminal law are impeachable is logically, legally, morally, constitutionally, historically and factually absurd.

I long thought the sexualization of little girls in beauty pageants had become gross, and until recently there seemed to be a growing consensus about that. Now the sexualization of little boys dressed as girls is a cause of great celebration. Count me out.