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In case you missed it last night - my thread showing why Andrew Mills/Prospermill/Ayanda are likely to have made at least £50m profit supplying duff or untested PPE to the NHS.

When secret coronavirus contracts are awarded without competition, it's deadly serious

Gove: "As we leave the EU we will deliver a Green Brexit, not only maintaining but enhancing animal welfare standards." Last night he voted against this clause.

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Matt Hancock's lawyers have just written to us on our Clandeboye PPE JR telling us that when they said all but 40,000 gowns had now been delivered what they really meant was that all but 6,000,000 gowns had been delivered.

We have now heard back from lawyers for Michael Gove on the lucrative contract he gave to long-time associates of his and Dominic Cummings. They make no attempt to defend the legality of their client's actions. It's as if he thinks himself above the law.

On Thursday we filed our detailed grounds and witness statements in our Judicial Review of the Gove/Cummings' decision to award an £840,000 contract to long time associates. We will post the full bundle on Monday but here are some highlights. THREAD

No one else is doing this work protecting against croneyism and (at best) poor procurement. If you would like to support these cases you can do so here and if you would like to support you can do so here / @GoodLawProjectENDS 

So we've received a threatening letter from Pestfix's lawyers (last reported net assets £18k) saying they'll apply to strike out our case against the Government because we won't be able to afford to pay Pestfix's costs if we lost. 1/2

Despite huge advantages - a centralised healthcare system, an island nation, which was hit late - we will have the worst fall in GDP in the G7 and the highest level of excess deaths in Europe. And all the racist rhetoric in the world will not change those simple facts.