I know the @rams  offense is really good...but @browns  can’t help them out there... let’s see if Cle can put together a long drive

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Donald Trump still couldn’t deny white supremacy. By the way Trump told the Proud Boys to STAND BY.

Trump won’t condemn white supremacists... and the moderator moves on...

Chris Wallace failing at his job as a moderator. Just a mess. And we’re 13 mins in.

I feel like you all should have listened when your Black friends told you the President was a racist. But maybe now that he told white supremacists to ‘standby’ you’ll listen.

This was a waste of time. And Wallace should be ashamed.

I appreciate Wallace giggling as he closes. I mean exactly perfect wrap up to the shitshow he moderated.

I can't believe the LA Clippers fired Doc Rivers and basically blamed him for getting bounced out of the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets.