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C02 is a harmful pollutant that threatens the food supply! The opposite is true. As one climate scientist from @HeartlandInst  explains, “carbon dioxide makes [plants] not just grow faster, but also makes them more water-efficient.” What else do climate alarmists get wrong?

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To all those on the frontlines, thank you.

This nurse demonstrates just how fast germs spread even if you're wearing gloves

Italy's virus fatalities are at their lowest level since March 26

"We are so thankful for our camp. I've been preparing for over 20 years knowing there may be a day we'll have to go live out in the bush". Indigenous people in Canada turn to the land to survive #coronavirus  |

Police are blocking access to a hospital after it discovered a problem with its oxygen equipment - potentially affecting #COVID19  patients

#UPDATE  "This is a very important data point because the figure is decreasing for the first time, " said civil protection service chief Angelo Borrelli. "It is important because it allows our hospitals to breathe "

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'A smiling hero': tributes pour in for nurse dead at 36 from Covid-19

At a time when people around the world are maintaining social distancing, they are relying on their pets to keep them company

Turkey's coronavirus death toll rises above 500: minister

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