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  3. the uk's choices: no deal, bad deal, or extend article 50 @jdportes
The UK's choices: No deal, bad deal, or extend Article 50 @jdportes https://t.co/4aNcwU5xbo


Another reason legal weed in NJ would be a big deal is that it wasn’t a sure bet at all. Here’s a piece I made earlier this year about it (It’s interesting! I swear. One of the biggest opponents has been the head of the legislative black caucushttps://t.co/Wt1oad9IBQ)
Mike Zimmer on rules: "The helmet thing, that might be a big deal.''
McCarthy said the third preseason game is about trying players at various positions so you can make better decisions when you decided who is going to make the team. Third used to be about playing No. 1s the most, but he played them a good deal in the second game.
📝 Jason Denayer and Lyon have reached an agreement over a 4 year contract.

✅ Deal almost done. The Belgian defender (23) will leave Man City after six years. He never played for #mcfc in an official game. He was loaned out to Celtic, Sunderland & Galatasaray (2x).

“So you can see we use the rugby deal – we’re all into it."

From the NFL to college ball, we take a look at what rugby has taught American Football and what has been learnt in return https://t.co/LCegvhBUFv
Start your week off right by locking in this DEAL for the #AAATexas500! Two tickets, two headsets & a scanner for just $99! » https://t.co/s29KHm5t3t
"The most dangerous notion drivers have is that if they do something unsafe quickly enough, it’s not a big deal. It’s like the five-second rule, only instead of picking up a dropped Cheeto and eating it, they’re playing with your life." https://t.co/8V6DRCPKgB
NEW MEDIA COLUMN: You had questions about ESPN's relationship with the NFL, the future of SI, NHL talking heads and the league's next media rights deal, Champions League game announcers, and more. Answers in the Media Mailbag: https://t.co/gwEYvatLxP
Netanyahu exults over “huge” SodaStream “deal that will enrich the state treasury” without mentioning name of @SodaStreamCEO Daniel Birnbaum, who has been a sharp critic.
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