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  3. the uk's choices: no deal, bad deal, or extend article 50 @jdportes
The UK's choices: No deal, bad deal, or extend Article 50 @jdportes https://t.co/4aNcwU5xbo


There isn’t an issue or hitch with Wainwright’s contract. As reported @stltoday a week ago, Wainwright must first become a free agent before #stlcards can make agreed upon offer and finalize deal. Why? That’s the rule with a steep pay cut. Explained here: https://t.co/axO1v0il7V
Simeone likely to extend Atletico Madrid deal beyond 2020 https://t.co/B3ImoM8AK0
NBA trade rumors: Heat's Pat Riley says he's 'pulling the plug' on Jimmy Butler deal https://t.co/pBtm8KAoIa
The Heat and Timberwolves came close to a trade involving Jimmy Butler, but Pat Riley says he is "pulling the plug" on the deal: https://t.co/CEk5SV0Ebf
10.19 GamePlan! The inside story of how the NFL and the players quietly brokered a deal two months ago to calm the anthem controversy, a plan that to this point has worked. Also! Players to watch and all your mail! https://t.co/EjwSq4KQM4
How to deal with your last day at work before the weekend...@JohnIsner

🎥@TennisTV #FridayFeeling
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The Dallas Stars and Tyler Seguin went from no talks to an eight-year deal almost overnight, so let's not to jump to conclusions about William Nylander, writes @THNMattLarkin: https://t.co/6dg3oMDJlV
Promoter Frank Warren's card from the Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, England, will stream live on ESPN+ on Saturday beginning at 2:30 p.m. ET. The card is part of the deal Top Rank made with Warren to put most of his shows on ESPN+. British light... https://t.co/uparNVfji7
It’s best to target players on the worst teams for trades before the deadline. Here are eight the #Eagles could try to make a deal with, and which players they might want to target https://t.co/4N59IdCzb7
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