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The UK's choices: No deal, bad deal, or extend Article 50 @jdportes https://t.co/4aNcwU5xbo


Hahn says his first conversations with #Indians about Yonder Alonso happened when he was on his way to the airport in Las Vegas on Thursday. Cleveland has just done three-team deal that Jake Bauers.
Wait. I've got this all wrong. Woj is now saying that the Mercury Suns have agreed to trade Trevor Booker to the Washington Generals for Doc Rivers and Kelly Olynyk.

I like this deal for both sides.

Suns get a new coach and a Canadian; Generals are desperate for a shakeup.
The Suns finally got the deal done 😅
But if there are the votes to get the deal through, there are the votes to keep the govt in office until 30 March
I’m a fan of not being revisionist, so I will say I thought the Suns getting Ariza was good at the time. A one-year deal for a veteran who could set a tone and help with their spacing and professionalism. If the Suns weren’t an inescapable vortex of basketball misery...
The Wizards have landed Trevor Ariza in a three-player deal with the Suns. DETAILS:
Ariza for Oubre and Rivers. The deal is done, according to @WojVerticalN@ShamsCharaniaBA and .

Last time the Indians & White Sox made a deal for an All-Star....
The Iceland Christmas dinner deal has divided shoppers
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