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Chief Political Commentator, The Independent; visiting professor, King's College, London. Books: Tony Blair, Prime Minister; Banned List; QTWTAIN; Listellany

Latest Scoops

Only the other day PM joked about instant publication of cabinet discn to save someone briefing @JGForsyth https://t.co/OPx1QxqaXo
And this was a good one: in Cluedo, how many different combinations of murderer, weapon and location are there?
First right answer!
At the pre-meeting, Board of Deputies & JLC wanted expulsions; Seumas Milne spoke of "due process": @Peston https://t.co/VU3Js1Nkl6
And which two vowels are not, on their own, an element?
From Sunday's pub quiz: name the two US states with doubled vowels in their names
@smudger105e @In_A_Flap @JulieHa28304382 @NameChangeGirl Was that after McGuinness had renounced violence and turned to democratic politics?
Surprised by @Jacob_Rees_Mogg's lack of class using the word "cretinous" https://t.co/YrOqlS7bzp Even more so by its #etymology
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