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Chief Political Commentator, The Independent; visiting professor, King's College, London. Books: Tony Blair, Prime Minister; Banned List; QTWTAIN; Listellany

Latest Scoops

Christine Shawcroft, new chair of NEC disputes panel, suggests Haringey councillors who support housing project "breaking the whip"
Sally Morgan: Tony Blair should have made Gordon Brown foreign secretary in 2001 @Independent https://t.co/ODAWplVkRL
I’m afraid Oxfam is at it again https://t.co/YuJP5nTriV
One north London constituency has 5x more Labour members than average, but Corbyn surge has stopped https://t.co/MENUKOyent
Anon Tory MP: May a "Soviet leader who goes to window to be seen but no one is quite sure if they are alive" https://t.co/vxaI2OQSi1
Can’t understand why neither May nor Corbyn used this line in 2017 election
"Expletive" orig meant a word used to fill out a line, from Latin ex- "out" + plere "fill" #etymology https://t.co/QgXEWZNpOa
The problem with Corporate Social Responsibility, by @JananGanesh FT https://t.co/RinOlKbOBA
Leaked membership figures suggest the limits of Corbyn's mass party @IndyVoices https://t.co/MENUKOyent
Tree cover and human settlements, S America. Map by @JakubMarian https://t.co/MPmVhuki3Q
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