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Chief Political Commentator, The Independent; visiting professor, King's College, London. Books: Tony Blair, Prime Minister; Banned List; QTWTAIN; Listellany

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@tnewtondunn Worth noting, I suppose, the @YouGov "public vote " question (86% of Labour members agree) did not specify Remain option https://t.co
Yes, they had a "preferendum" in New Zealand on voting systems, as part of a series of votes https://t.co/cPnqJIDIPn
Quotation marks in European languages: map by @JakubMarian https://t.co/ZFYeAb1cW4
The problems with a Canada-style trade deal: @pmdfoster https://t.co/hN2bco0Ud5
Why I decided not to go to the Labour conference: Margaret Hodge for @IndyVoices https://t.co/FOJCjq87XV
The shadow chancellor translation service https://t.co/ax6reCs1Mo
Official read-out from cabinet on Brexit has taken a while to emerge. No doubt other accounts will also be available
Well, Corbyn himself said it during the election campaign & a lot of people agreed with him. I despair
Yes but he doesn’t mean it, does he?
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