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Chief Political Commentator, The Independent; visiting professor, King's College, London. Books: Tony Blair, Prime Minister; Banned List; QTWTAIN; Listellany

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Pro-EU Tory MPs warn hard Brexiters UK could stay in EU if May's deal is voted down: @JoeWatts_ @Independent https://t.co/7XeoYGOyk8
I don't think so
It would be Labour's fault. Tory hard Brexiters *want* a no-deal Brexit
And if they don't?
Labour MPs would betray the country if they force a no-deal Brexit. My Sunday article for @IndyVoices https://t.co/auy3ppJSxd
Answers to @theipaper quiz here https://t.co/gsT4WcL0vj
Not this again! "She triggered Article 50 without knowing what she wanted." Thanks to Gina Miller, *parliament* voted to trigger A50
@StuartDillon1 @Illumination100 @ChrisEly9 @SocialDemSheff @hardeep216 @domdyer70 @PurpleR @angelasmithmpain21 Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Here are the numbers you need https://t.co/bKFXEVes3L
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