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a Dad who covers Washington, the economy and national politics for CNBC and the New York Times. Find my Speakeasy interviews at http://cnbc.com/Speakeasy

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this will take your breath away https://t.co/r264VHgYyO
Jared Kushner's father, a convicted felon, admits he met w/Qatar's finance minister 3 months after Trump inauguration as his WH aide son was making Middle East policy. He says they discussed Qatari money for his distressed firm, but he said no https://t.co/celyqnaNkf
smooth-as-silk @lisajstansfield is way underrated #BeenAroundTheWorld
congrats Joel Berry, Theo Pinson and Luke Maye on terrific careers. #champions
how did anyone beat Texas A&M
ball security, Syracuse
lotta players treat euro-step as license to travel
“The Kushner Cos. routinely filed false paperwork with the city declaring it had zero rent-regulated tenants in dozens of buildings it owned across the city when, in fact, it had hundreds.” https://t.co/aojEHJUeUt
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