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Latest Scoops

rough Saturday scoreboard for @MeetThePress roundtable: @chucktodd and @HallieJackson (Miami and Hopkins) won, @RichLowry, @Yamiche and i (UVa, Georgetown and Duke) lost
proposal: ban the “bow their necks” and “pin their ears back” cliches from sports commentary
“without love,
it ain’t much...”
double-checking old weather reports
this is a good sign for Duke against Clemson tonight
wait a minute Citadel is tied w/Bama at halftime?
have seen what they charge for minibar almonds?
but would that be enough to win control of the House?
“maybe i-i-f-f-f
we think and wish
and hope and pray
it might come tru-u-e...”
so Mueller was just teasing us today
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