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no she didn’t. your tweet is disgraceful
Trump said this week that if people just read document he signed w/Kim Jong Un, they’ll see North Korea agreed to immediately begin complete denuclearization

document doesn’t say that. North Korea has not agreed to that

Trump claimed credit this week for creating 3.4-M new jobs in the 19 months since his election, a feat “nobody would have believed” in Nov 2016

since 4.1-M jobs were created under Obama in the 19 months before that, the claim makes no sense

“His 17 months in office have been an exercise in futility for the art-of-the-deal president. No deal on immigration. No deal on health care. No deal on gun control, spending cuts, trade, Middle East peace, Iran, climate change. Even routine deals.” https://t.co/uEiB1zLZbC
each day this week, President Trump described a world of stunning, heroic triumphs over problems that thwarted his predecessors. it is a fantasy world. https://t.co/qTN8PXqbRq
George Will: “Consider the melancholy example of House Speaker Ryan, who wagered his dignity on the patently false proposition that it is possible to have sustained transactions with today’s president without being degraded” https://t.co/OVXlR6Fifh
pattern repeated this week: President Trump flatters himself, maligns others by describing a world that does not exist https://t.co/qTN8PXqbRq
this week repeated a striking if familiar pattern: President Trump described a world detached from reality. my @CNBC column https://t.co/qTN8PXqbRq
Trump throws in the towel
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