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a Dad who covers Washington, the economy and national politics for CNBC and the New York Times. Find my Speakeasy interviews at http://cnbc.com/Speakeasy

Latest Scoops

Ben Carson’s HUD: Political loyalty required, no experience necessary https://t.co/5jrmE5FmqH
“Chris Painter, who served Bush as State Dept coordinator for cyberissues, said the propaganda flood/leaked emails affected the vote. ‘people don’t like to admit they’ve been fooled’ — hence efforts from Trump and supporters to deny/dismiss significance” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“If Putin had been designing his ideal US leader, he could hardly have done better than Trump. For years, Trump had attracted attention from Russian conservatives. A Putin ally promoted him as a future president in 2012, created a Russian-language website” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“This operation was to show the Americans — that you bastards are just as screwed up as the rest of us,” Professor Khrushcheva said. “Putin fulfilled the dream of every Soviet leader — to stick it to the United States.” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“There remains an alternative explanation to collusion theory: that Trump aides were happy to meet Russians because they thought it might lead to moneymaking deals after the election. ‘Black Caviar,’ read the subject line of an email Manafort got in July” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“They met Trump campaign aides in Moscow, London, New York, Louisville. In May and June alone, the Trump campaign fielded at least four invitations to meet w/Russian intermediaries or officials. In nearly every case, Trump associates seemed enthusiastic” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“Russians or suspected Russian agents — including oligarchs, diplomats, former military officers and shadowy intermediaries — had dozens of contacts during the campaign with Mr. Trump’s associates.” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“The Russian trolls, hackers and agents totaled barely 100, and their task was to steer millions of American voters. They knew it would take a village to sabotage an election.” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“Russian intervention was essentially a hijacking — of American companies like Facebook and Twitter; of American citizens’ feelings about immigration and race; of American journalists eager for scoops; of the ambitions of Trump’s advisers.” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
“As Trump emerged in spring 2016 as the improbable favorite for the GOP nomination, the Russian operation accelerated on three fronts — the hacking/leaking of Democratic documents; massive fraud on Facebook/Twitter; outreach to Trump campaign associates” https://t.co/WbQxWSm85D
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