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BYU's 18 threes last night earned a categorical promotion in this morning’s daily update at Bubble Watch. Cougars living large with Villanova-in-2018 accuracy….

Interesting @ESPNLunardi  “Behind the bracket” piece at ESPN+ addresses something I’ve pondered for a while. To what extent does a relatively low year-to-year churn rate in the ACC’s bottom third hold back the league as a whole?

This is what I have for the greatest game of offense “ever.” (KenPom time.) Butler scored 1.73 points per possession in its 92-50 win at Cleveland State on 8 Feb 2007. @DavidWoods007  was there.

Working assumption. When the announcer says you don’t need a three, you need a three.

Granted the game went to OT, but Alabama attempted 59 threes last night. That’s more than any team's recorded in a D-I vs. D-I game in at least 10 years.

I’m not sold on the Elam ending, but the Memphis-Cincinnati overtime took ~ 35 minutes to play.

MARK JACKSON: There are people going to school to one day have a job like ours. And they’re learning stuff that you go totally against. And you are elite at what you do. How can you explain it? BILL WALTON: I have no idea.

Naismith was a genius. He invented a platform that was popular worldwide instantly that we’re still optimizing 130 years later.


NCAA tournament wins this century going into tonight: 1. KU, 50 UNC, 50 3. Duke, 49 4. MSU, 46 5. UK, 45 (snip) 32. UVA, 12 40. Texas Tech, 10 49. Auburn, 8

Tennessee started 31-35 under Rick Barnes and has gone 60-15 since.

No team has won more NCAA tournament games since 2000 than UNC. Salute.

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Duke scored 1.54 points per trip tonight vs Georgia Tech, the eighth-best game by any offense in major-conference play since 2006. Salute.

The FiveThirtyEight graph on A&M-UNI cannot be RT’d enough.

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Only thing slower than Virginia’s pace is how long it took too much of the world to understand how great this coach and this team are at basketball — and have been since 2013-14. Hoos, I salute you.

Per ESPN Stats and Info, since the formation of the Big 12 in 1996-97, none of the six major conferences has failed to send a team to the round of 32.

There is nothing in all of sports like the NCAA tournament.

KU’s run to the Final Four lifted the Jayhawks to No. 1 in NCAA tournament wins since 2000. Salute. 1. KU (49) 2. UNC (48) 3. Duke (46) 4. MSU & UK (42) (Florida, UConn, Wisconsin, ‘Cuse, Arizona, Zags, late lamented vacated Louisville) 13. Nova & UCLA (27)