Senator John Cornyn

Senator John Cornyn

Mainly news I find interesting, pics, and opinions. Honored to represent the great state of Texas in the US Senate. RTs =/= endorsements

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Democrats’ spending bill bigger than advertised

"[T]his $5 trillion ... blowout would come on top of a $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill that is more about social spending ... . That ... atop — get this! — a total of $5.7 trillion already spent in 6 different COVID-19 relief bills and ... executive orders in just 13 months."

Beware of budget gimmicks in push for massive spending deals

‘People are scared’: Democrats lose ground on school equity plans via @politico 

"Each of us has a personal choice to make — will we do our part to stop disease transmission by getting vaccinated and taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others, or will we be part of its continued spread?" — Dr. Desmar Walkes @TexasTribune 

Everyone is ignoring an infrastructure bill that may carry even more economic and strategic importance than the big ones: a smaller initiative to reverse America’s dangerous dependence on imported semiconductors via @WSJ 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits New Delhi as part of a Biden administration push on Asia


D Senators blocking emergency assistance to American workers. Markets will tank tomorrow and along with it the savings of millions It’s incomprehensible that in the midst of a national crisis Democrats have chosen to block this bill. Texans need help now #stopthegames 

Kamala Was Ringleader In Kavanaugh Character Assassination Attempt

Is it relevant that the US has 5X the population of Italy?

Sen. Schumer’s partisan accusations and threats have further exposed his real goal with this trial: becoming Senate majority leader, writes @KimStrassel  via @WSJ 

Packing the Supreme Court would fit the Democrats’ escalating pattern of breaking political norms on judicial nominations. via @WSJ 

Do you know the symptoms of #COVID19 ? Difficulty breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, confusion, bluish lips or face, fever, & cough. @CDCgov  has a full list of symptoms and you should call your doctor if you are experiencing these.

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Although we won’t vote on additional witnesses in impeachment trial until Friday, House managers need to know that both sides will have same chance to identify potential witnesses to call. Obvious choices are Adam Schiff, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden for starters.