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#2 Revolution Med shoots for $100M+ IPO — and divulges some secrets about that Warp Drive buyout

#3 GSK’s ‘breakthrough’ BCMA cancer drug gets a priority review — and a big win for the oncology R&D team $GSK

Oh, cool. Hit the 70,000 mark on overall subscribers just now. Plan is to hit 80,000 by the 4th anniversary of the launch June 20. Spread the word! We're heading to 100K

$HZNP, which sells 2 of the most expensive drugs in the world, is selling this latest approved therapy at $14,900 a vial.

I'm watching the latest Terminator movie, which is a bit of a retread, and there's a scene when our hero goes into a pharmacy asking for meds. Pharmacist asks for a dr.'s rx, which is a hoot. You don't need one in Mexico, guys. You pay, you get

We're back with a fresh controversy: FDA’s golodirsen CRL: Sarepta’s drugs are dangerous to patients, offering only a small benefit. And where's that confirmatory trial? $SRPT h/t @jq1234t 

Is this the new #FDA  safety controversy people have been waiting for? The fallout could be far and wide.

Anybody get riled up seeing a top FDA official lambast a company for selling or attempting to sell dangerous drugs with small -- at best -- efficacy? Who then gets reversed by presumably Janet woodcock? $SRPT

Ionis, Akcea boosted by a positive PhII for their Novartis castoff cardio drug -- and they plan to push ahead into pivotals $IONS $AKCA +17%

Just curious, now that we saw the CRL letter for $SRPT, and can compare it to the CEO's remarks, wouldn't it only be right and just to get all the CRLs published? @SGottliebFDA  Please.


Never in my dreams did I think I would be writing a story that tied in a porn actress, the president of the US, a Russian oligarch and Novartis payments.

An absolute must-read for anyone even vaguely interested in antibiotic development -- this is reality: Biopharma has abandoned antibiotic development. Here’s why we did, too.

If you see me in San Fran, remember it's #fistbump  #JPM18  to cut down the spread of the flu. Handshakes are a vestige of an earlier, germ-ignorant culture. We can do better and still meet and greet in style. is 1/20th as likely to spread flu -- there's a study!

This was interesting -- 72% of late-stage drugs in the hands of biotech startups: The biotech era in late-stage drug R&D and marketing has arrived. And it looks like it’s here to stay

Pfizer is axing its neurosciences division, laying off 300 and discarding new drugs $PFE

Does anyone at this stage believe that paying more in the US gets you better care? This Canada/US comparison seems obvious to me. What I'm saying: disjointed, dysfunctional system with rampant overcharging, opaque pricing leads to-the US healthcare system

No. 1 story today: Pharma’s broken business model: An industry on the brink of terminal decline

I truly hope you spend some time with this one -- Special report: Twenty extraordinary women in biopharma R&D who worked their way to the top

Almost half of all new drug approvals in 2018 relied on one clinical trial @ZacharyBrennan