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I'm in the process of finishing up the Endpoints 11 for next wednesday. Assisted by Zoom, you'll get a 9,000 word report covering every significant aspect of company creation in biotech. From the people who are doing it. I love this stuff.

I just put out the carcass of an old brass bed on the free pile in wallingford, vt., where I'm selling out after 17 years of accumulated nonsense. It's a heck of a salvage prospect. Come by and get it. The Brooklyn buyers want no part of it.

90% chance of pre-election OK -- I'm not budging. There s the entire establishment pulling, and one president pushing. It's up to the co.s to opt out. $PFE $MRNA $AZN etc

Mississippi meanwhile will start inoculations on Monday,,,, (kidding) Andrew Cuomo says New York will undertake its own vaccine review process, and wouldn’t recommend trusting the federal government

Dan O'Day wanted $IMMU, and he was ready to pay a big premium in the pre-ESMO scrum. From @MaxGelman 

We don't have what he ordered for dessert or if he had coffee or cognac after, but the negotiations over the numbers tells you a lot about Dan O'Day's negotiating style. $GILD

#UKBIO half-day summit coming up, featuring some great people, including $AZN's Jose Baselga. Sign up to watch!


If any biotech exec just said what Hahn said about an experimental drug, they'd be charged for it. It's a crime.

An absolute must-read for anyone even vaguely interested in antibiotic development -- this is reality: Biopharma has abandoned antibiotic development. Here’s why we did, too.

Breaking -- Novartis joins the Big Pharma exodus out of antibiotics, dumping research, cutting 140 and out-licensing programs $NVS

It's clear that we're running an experiment this weekend involving a large population. If #covid19  doesn't spike in 2 weeks, that will be interesting. If it does...

Let's face it, the singe best thing Trump could do right now is make @ScottGottliebMD  the coronavirus czar with a special mandate to make things happen. He clearly wants the job and he'd be great at it.

If you see me in San Fran, remember it's #fistbump  #JPM18  to cut down the spread of the flu. Handshakes are a vestige of an earlier, germ-ignorant culture. We can do better and still meet and greet in style. is 1/20th as likely to spread flu -- there's a study!

Pfizer is axing its neurosciences division, laying off 300 and discarding new drugs $PFE

This was interesting -- 72% of late-stage drugs in the hands of biotech startups: The biotech era in late-stage drug R&D and marketing has arrived. And it looks like it’s here to stay

BREAKING: Moderna posts a promising snapshot of human data for a leading Covid-19 vaccine $MRNA

A 'historic breakthrough' that will save "countless" lives. Pushed thru by the president's bold leadership. "this is a major advance" insists azar Really, it's just disgusting. Gold standard my ass