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@MacJones_10 !!! Pretty sure that was worth staying up an hour and a half past my bedtime.

JUST NOW: "I think they are really strong picks, John." Most important analysis of the day. Alamaba super-fan @kaitlancollins  breaks down @Patriots  draft.

JUST NOW: "She's done. There's no way, she can hang on to her position in leadership. " @WalshFreedom  on the future of @LizCheney . Walsh notes she will likely lose her job for the crime of telling the truth. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: "We've gone through a looking glass. Those of us in the party against insurrection and lying are finding ourselves turned into fringe candidates. It's a sad commentary on the party. " @michaelwoodtx  losing an election after refusing to lie.

JUST NOW: "I say 'whoa' to any woman who wants to be a handmaiden to this & to get a leadership spot on the heels of really something that is unseemly. To embrace the big lie." Former GOP Rep@BarbaraComstock  warns @EliseStefanik  about job she wants.

Sat down a few minutes late to the game. Is there an actual reason that @cpulisic_10  isn’t starting? (Other than madness?)

JUST NOW: "Our worry is when she gets into leadership, she has no principles. @club4growth  president @DavidMMcintosh  on the idea of @EliseStefanik  in GOP Leadership. "She will be a terrible leader. "

JUST NOW: One of the great debates of all time is settled: "I think 'Deep Impact' is" more accurate than Armageddon, says physicist @michiokaku . "Bruce Willis will not save everybody. " it relates to the #ChineseRocket 

JUST NOW: @GOPLeader  laments "Relitigating the past" Yet Trump spends a majority of his digital life on the last election. 55% of his Blog posts. "In baseball terms, he is batting .550 on relitigation. Ted Williams hit .406"


JUST NOW: @shearm , one of the WH reporters who has tested positive says he has received ZERO outreach, no contact tracing at all. ZERO.

It is a big deal when a President backs out of a Presidential debate.

JUST NOW: "I am telling you with every fiber of my being, that some of the President's closest advisers did not think he had the mental acuity to do the actual job." @MilesTaylorUSA  tells @NewDay  of concerns he says he say inside the WH.

Rex Tillerson to Judy Woodruff: “There’s just no two ways about it...if you’re seeking some kind of personal gain and you’re using whether it’s American foreign aid or American weapons or American influence, that’s wrong. And I think everyone understands that.”

JUST NOW: A major holy cow from new @CNN  poll. Just 36% of Americans say they trust what @realDonaldTrump  is telling them about Coronavirus. His approval is 45%. That means even some people who approve of him...don't believe him. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: "Overwhelmed." My friend/hero @miguelmarquez  with a brave/sensitive/crucial piece on a TX hospital inundated with COVID cases this morning. Watch and share. I don't know if people realize this is happening. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: Impeachment vote by middle of next week...Assistant House Speaker@RepKClark  tells me moments ago. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: "I cannot believe we're in the position that we're in in right now. We're the greatest country on Earth. We should have been able to figure this out." Wow...I have never heard @drsanjaygupta  so frustrated. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: "At this point, we've not seen any sort of credible examples." The REPUBLICAN Lt. Gov of Georgia, @GeoffDuncanGA , affirming that he has seen no examples of fraud or irregularity. @NewDay