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RIP Stephen Sondheim. My single favorite interview ever. Showed me the rhyming dictionary next to his piano. I say, “your Stephen Sondheim, the great lyricist ever, and you use a rhyming dictionary?” He says, “we all need to ask for help sometimes.” (More)

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JUST NOW: "We cannot just have this kind of games happening while there is a genocide." NBA's @Enes_Kanter  calls for a full boycott of the Winter Olympics in countries, and if not countries, by athletes themselves. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: "“Why be so gentle? We are talking about Armageddon?" Our discussion with Professor@AdamFrank4  o the NASA mission to test knocking an asteroid off course. Why no drilling?

On this special holiday edition of @NewDay ...I have irreparable bed-head.

As I reflect on the past year this Thanksgiving morn, one of the things I am most grateful for is... the fact the @RedSox  knocked the @Yankees  out of the post-season. (, friends, health, etc...)

He then says, “but I do ok on my own. Remind me of your last name?” I say “Berman.” Without skipping a beat, he says, “Berman, vermin, just like Ethel Merman.”


JUST NOW: @shearm , one of the WH reporters who has tested positive says he has received ZERO outreach, no contact tracing at all. ZERO.

JUST NOW: "I am telling you with every fiber of my being, that some of the President's closest advisers did not think he had the mental acuity to do the actual job." @MilesTaylorUSA  tells @NewDay  of concerns he says he say inside the WH.

It is a big deal when a President backs out of a Presidential debate.

JUST NOW: Amazing...see China censor @CNN  in real time as @willripleyCNN  reports on tennis star Peng Shuai.

JUST NOW: A major holy cow from new @CNN  poll. Just 36% of Americans say they trust what @realDonaldTrump  is telling them about Coronavirus. His approval is 45%. That means even some people who approve of him...don't believe him. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: Remarkable images from the fearless @clarissaward  on the streets of Kabul. She shows us a store now doing a booming business in burqas.

JUST NOW: "Overwhelmed." My friend/hero @miguelmarquez  with a brave/sensitive/crucial piece on a TX hospital inundated with COVID cases this morning. Watch and share. I don't know if people realize this is happening. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: "I cannot believe we're in the position that we're in in right now. We're the greatest country on Earth. We should have been able to figure this out." Wow...I have never heard @drsanjaygupta  so frustrated. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: Impeachment vote by middle of next week...Assistant House Speaker@RepKClark  tells me moments ago. @NewDay 

JUST NOW: "At this point, we've not seen any sort of credible examples." The REPUBLICAN Lt. Gov of Georgia, @GeoffDuncanGA , affirming that he has seen no examples of fraud or irregularity. @NewDay