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. style doesitagain I am disgusted by what I was told. Arrest me for trying to help someone. The stupidity behind that rule. I want an explanation. My fans and followers please message regarding this. JB #Target 

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The Obama-Biden administration is responsible for the biggest political scandal in American history! Subscribe to the Mark Levin Show podcast for free and listen back to yesterday's show.

Trump rallies his base as Biden preps for debate; President Donald Trump held a rally in Virginia despite state health officials warning it posed a "significant health risk." @rachelvscott  reports.

#CNBCTV18InvestmentGuide | Why is this the correct time to invest in auto stocks? @_anujsinghal  & @_soniashenoy  ask Rajesh Kothari of @alfaccurate  #CNBCTV18ClutterBreakers 

Shhh...I took (plastic mockups of) the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S into an Ikea, to check how well they fit in everything from a Hemnes to a Kallax to a Fjallbo... via @CNET 

“The creative spirit creates with whatever materials are present. With food, with children, with building blocks, with speech, with thoughts, with pigment, with an umbrella, or a wineglass, or a torch.” Superb read from a forgotten Black Mountain pioneer:

How can you tell the difference between the cold, the flu and the coronavirus? @DrJohnTorres  says, “It can be hard to tell, at least initially, because the symptoms are almost the same.” Find out what to look for and how to respond.

Local officials in Pennsylvania say nine military ballots were incorrectly tossed in the trash by a temporary contractor. The mishandling sparked a federal inquiry and allegations from President Trump that Democrats were "trying to steal the election."