Just a little something ❤️💛💜💙🤎💚🖤🧡HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE! Live your truth, be proud of who you are, never apologize for being you. Whatever part of the community you represent if you don’t have a platform, Be out be loud be strong be proud. Love you. 🏳️‍🌈Jb🏳️‍🌈 #pride 

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Trump rallies his base as Biden preps for debate; President Donald Trump held a rally in Virginia despite state health officials warning it posed a "significant health risk." @rachelvscott  reports.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly everyone, including the British royal family. A massive drop in tourism has led to a $50 million shortfall, prompting the royal family to look for creative ways to pick up business. @SarahHarman53  has the latest from London.

The four richest people in the world are collectively worth $500 billion. Their combined net worth has risen by 600% in the past decade.

Encountering an unexpectedly generous dispenser of very runny sanitiser, which deposits enough in your hand for an entire body wash.

#CNBCTV18InvestmentGuide | Why is this the correct time to invest in auto stocks? @_anujsinghal  & @_soniashenoy  ask Rajesh Kothari of @alfaccurate  #CNBCTV18ClutterBreakers 

Is the recent auto demand sustainable?​ Catch an investing masterclass on the auto sector on #CNBCTV18InvestmentGuide  Tune in, tonight @ 9 @_anujsinghal  @_soniashenoy  @CNBCTV18Live  #CNBCTV18ClutterBreakers 

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Shhh...I took (plastic mockups of) the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S into an Ikea, to check how well they fit in everything from a Hemnes to a Kallax to a Fjallbo... via @CNET 

Knowing the voting rules: ABC News' @WhitJohnson  breaks downs voting deadlines in some key battleground states.

60 years ago today: Nixon and Kennedy clash in the first televised presidential debate in history

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