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A lot to like about Haaland. Good athletic type. His father Alf, was a superb athlete. Good competitor as well. Keane. Killed. Him.

Football on the TV. Bundesliga back. Good luck today to all. 👍🏻

No fans in the stadium. Very bizarre to see. Without the fans, football would be nothing.

The Last Dance absolutely superb. Michael Jordan. 🐐 of 🐐’s Mindset. Relentless. Cleaner.

Vote for Al. He is honestly not desperate to win. 👍🏻

RIP Glyn Pardoe. Thoughts are with his family and friends.


Neymar is the Justin Bieber of football. Brilliant on the old You Tube. Cat piss in reality...

Pistorius got bail? I slapped up a couple of lippy teenagers and got 10 days on remand! He smoked his GF with a shotgun? Gets Bail?? #mental 

Hazard only crime is he hasn't kicked him hard enough...

Pepe is a bigger nob than me on the pitch. (And that takes some doing) #ElClasico 

Why do people always want to solve any conflict with a fight? As a pacifist, I find it incredible......... #mindboggles 

If there is a God. If you do exist. Prove yourself. Take out either Chiles or Townsend with a stray bolt of lightening. The nation awaits.

This is not war. These are not combatants. They are just innocent children. This is ethnic cleansing.

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Some strange people think that I'll be playing in the Championship next season.

@YossiBenayoun15 Firstly, you cannot call somebody stupid with such bad grammar. Secondly, you cannot and should not kill innocent children.