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  3. you have to protect your peace. you weren’t created to live worried, upset or on edge.
You have to protect your peace. You weren’t created to live worried, upset or on edge.


Be sure to take care of your lungs this week for #RespiratoryCareWeek, and while you're at it learn about some of the cutting-edge #NIH IRP research focused on #asthma. https://t.co/AaS6VNAWhz https://t.co/23g2GuPYru
#mood #mondaymotivation free yourself from filling your brain with empty calories. Focus on your own actions. Do not move towards what disturbs your peace and strength. Fill your mind and heart with what you love.
Want to slow down your body's #aging process and live longer and younger? You will love the cutting edge #longevity tools in my new book "Life is Long: 50+ ways to live a little closer to forever" https://t.co/IYx0xKBsO8

The only limitations you will have in your life are the limitations of your own thinking!
Today is yours. May your innate ferocity unleash wild ambition and accomplishment. May your inner light illuminate any dark paths. May your inherent strength empower you to realize you already have everything you need. What are you tackling this week? #MondayMotivation
Lead poisoning can cause many harmful health effects. Do you know how to protect yourself and your family and reduce exposure? Learn more: https://t.co/h40Y4rRiXV
When you are trying to have a conversation with the ATT technician about installing FASTER internet (YES!) and your phone keeps dinging - "He said do you need to answer that?" No - sorry those are orders coming... https://t.co/3UFwIgApbB
Never let people's negative thoughts about you hinder you from accomplishing what God put in your heart. Dare to dream and dare to live it.
Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again. So live life to the fullest today, and have no regrets.
The traditional stepladder is dead—have you said your goodbyes? Visit the memorial at @realLittleGi#NSCexpoant booth 1635!
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