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When you live open and honest, God will make you and mold you into a vessel of honor used for His highest purposes.
How many things are you missing out on, not because God doesn’t want to do it, but because you’re not asking?
You may think you’re surrounded by the enemy, but the truth is the enemy is surrounded by our God. God is bigger than your opposition, greater than your sickness, more powerful than your enemies.
The Scripture says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord will deliver us out of them all.” Don't miss "Surrounded by the Most High" on podcast now: https://t.co/spV2a4HmrT
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Dare to believe, dare to ask, dare to expect. God wants to do something that you’ve never seen, something out of the ordinary.
Shake off the doubt. Shake off the discouragement. Have a new perspective. You didn’t get average favor or ordinary favor. No, God says you are heavy with favor.
God is our healer and our restorer. Let us pray with you here: https://t.co/lmqV6cQMoK -JOM Team
@RobbieGriffin16 Our team will be praying for you. You can also post your prayer request here and pray with others:https://t.co/lmqV6cQMoK . -JOM Team
If you’ll keep the right attitude, God will use that difficulty to take you to a new level. Listen to the entire message "Surrounded by the Most High" here: https://t.co/spV2a4HmrT
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Don’t go around intimidated, insecure. Put your shoulders back and hold your head up high knowing that you’re a child of the Most High God.
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