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You are blessed in the city and blessed in the country. You are blessed when things are going your way and blessed when they’re not going your way. Watch Joel’s new message this morning on Podcast, "The Power of the Blessing"! https://t.co/KwNtaNHhCw
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God said in Psalms, “Touch not My anointed.” You are His anointed. When people come against you, they’re not just messing with you; they’re messing with the God who put His blessing on you. What God has blessed no person can curse.
God promised that He’ll arm you with strength for every battle. We may not know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future.
When you go the extra mile to keep strife out, you walk away when you feel like arguing, you’re not being weak. That’s a sign of strength. The most mature person is the one that walks away from the argument.
If you will put yourself in an environment with friends that challenge and inspire you, with people that push you up, then those seeds will take root, and you will begin to blossom. Get around dreamers, connect with people that are more talented, and glean from them.
Join us in Toronto for a Night of Hope, Friday, November 30 @AirCanadaCentre! Click here for details: https://t.co/sTEc47N6QD
God is about to turn impossible situations around. Your faith is going to bring freedom, promotion, breakthroughs, abundance, the fullness of your destiny. Check out "Your Faith" on Podcast here! https://t.co/spV2a4HmrT
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God chose you because He knew you could handle it. You have the courage, strength, anointing, and favor. You’re not weak or lacking. You are full of ‘can do’ power. You didn’t come this far to give up. The people that see dreams come to pass are the people that stay committed.
You may have plenty of reasons to give up on your dream, think it’s never going to work out. You’ve had disappointments, setbacks. That’s all a part of the process. When you get knocked down, you have to get back up again. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you.
Are you living with expectancy knowing that God’s bigger than your problems, greater than that sickness, more powerful than that addiction? Don't miss "Your Faith" from Joel on Podcast! https://t.co/spV2a4HmrT
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