Poor leadership would be hiding at a country club golfing while fellow Americans are suffering and dying. She's not doing that. You are.

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On #NationalDoctorsDay , we recognize the remarkable men & women who treat their fellow Americans, find cures for the diseases & illnesses we face, and never waver in their efforts to treat every patient with the dignity, respect, and empathy they deserve.

Nationalize the supply chain of critical medical supplies. Nationalize the supply chain of critical medical supplies. Nationalize the supply chain of critical medical supplies. "Miami VA hospital employees told to wear, reuse one surgical mask per week"

"The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Florida is doubling every three days. Florida remains one of the few states with a large outbreak not to issue a statewide order to keep residents at home."

Wow he sounds like he would be such a strong, confident, leader if he were President right now combatting the Coronavirus.

Most doctors don't go to medical school with the expectation that treating patients will mean putting their own lives on the line. But over the last few weeks, that's what they’ve been doing. On #NationalDoctorsDay , thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do.

FLASHBACK Feb. 24: Pelosi Stands In San Francisco’s Chinatown And Urges People To Come Out

Sheriff Chad Chronister of Hillsborough County, Fla., says he has obtained an arrest warrant for Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of The River at Tampa Bay Church for holding large services and "intentionally and repeatedly" disregarding orders to avoid large gatherings.

If you are afraid of more people voting because you think you and others like you won't win re-election, well that basically isn't just giving away the store, it's giving away the casino. Oh, right. Nevermind.

They’re running out for supplies over here at the WH too...

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