Bronze Star Purple Heart

How dare you smear a man who served this country honorably for decades in both war and peace, winning the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

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Bronze Star Purple Heart

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Tributes to the great Sardar Patel on his Punya Tithi. We remain eternally inspired by his exceptional service to our nation.

It was everything we said it was and everything they said it wasn’t. We now have confirmation, corroboration that the deep state exists. It worked to spy on and frame a presidential candidate. #OpeningStatement 

Join me as I head to Trump Tower to meet with @EricTrump and @LaraLeaTrump , and their family. First, Eric and I sat down to talk about the impeachment battle and much more, take a look!

“It’s political suicide!” @dbongino  joined me tonight to discuss the dems’ impeachment delusion as they move to formally charge the president.

Politico: “Here’s the topline: impeachment appears – at this point, according to this polling – to be a liability.” Vanity Fair: “It is hard to read [Falling Poll Numbers] as anything but a warning” for Democrats. It's clear: impeachment is backfiring.

One Democrat is calling for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to recuse himself from the impeachment trial

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Today, our delegation had the esteemed privilege to honor our World War II heroes at the annual #BattleoftheBulge  parade, followed by wreath laying ceremonies, marking 75 years since American forces bravely defended freedom & democracy.

@Rep_Matt_Gaetz  was a key figure in the judicial hearings this week and he joined me tonight on ‘Justice' to discuss it all. Take a look:

"The culture of policing has changed. We've taken the enforcement out of law enforcement."- Former New York Police Commissioner@BernardKerik  joined me to discuss the shocking story of the murder of 18 year old college student Tessa Majors .

@GOPLeader  spoke to me about vulnerable democrats whose support for impeachment could cost them their seat. Listen: