South Koreans / Italians / Rockaway

Why are the Germans, South Koreans, and Italians smart enough to have drive thru testing, but Trump’s administration has no such safety plan in place. Instead, infected patients now walk into hospitals and require ER staffs to self-quarantine. (Rockaway)

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South Koreans / Italians / Rockaway

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A Q. & A. with Richard Epstein, who wrote an article questioning the World Health Organization’s decision to declare the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic and suggested that about 500 people would die from COVID-19 in the U.S.

President Trump extends federal guidelines for social distancing through April 30 because of the coronavirus outbreak

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💧🧼These women in @ZaatariCamp  learned to make soap for their families 🚫🦠 Now they're making it to help their community prevent coronavirus

Bernie Sanders says he’s staying in the presidential race. Many Democrats fear a reprise of their 2016 defeat.

The committee, constituted on the orders of the Supreme Court, deliberated on various means of achieving #Socialdistancing . #CoronavirusOutbreak 

With the world consumed by the threat of the coronavirus, President Trump has increasingly focused on using to his political advantage the crisis that he initially tried to downplay.

"Like many in business, trusted news organizations are being hit hard by this pandemic. If you can, please consider subscribing to your local paper or contributing to a VT news organization ... they work hard to keep you informed."

The survival of great apes is threatened by habitat loss, illegal hunting & other risks. As #COVID19  impacts human well-being around the world, @UNEnvironment  explores the new risks now faced by apes in danger of contracting the virus.

Data suggest India may be following the same trajectory as world but at slower pace. #CoronaVirusOutbreak  @PrabhashRinkoo  )

Trump says social distancing guidelines to continue through end of April