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Jimmy Traina

I tweet a lot about Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Mike Francesa & the Yankees.

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But I do tip my cap to Woj for an excellent effort.

I’m about to start “Palm Springs” on Hulu. Anybody watch it yet? If so, 👍 or 👎?

Twitter must be broken because it’s been nothing but thumbs up. This much positivity has to be some violation of the Twitter bylaws.

Just post a screenshot of a recent Wayfair purchase.

You will see a lot of tweets over the next 24-48 hours from crazy people saying they won’t watch the NFL anymore. Every single one of them is lying.

One of the true pleasures of “Seinfeld” were those scenes like the end of this one when Jerry (the person, not the character) didn’t even attempt to act. Also, Jason Alexander’s delivery of “Mulva” is perfection.

ESPN suspending Adrian Wojnarowski appeases nobody, was completely useless. TRAINA THOUGHTS

Stephen A. Smith was right all along about the NBA bubble; Mike Golic gets new gig; Who remembers the crazy ending to this Washington-Dallas game?; 35 years ago today, Queen dominated Live Aid: TRAINA THOUGHTS


Instant replay of JR Smith and LeBron in the closing seconds of regulation.

Happy Mariano Rivera Hall of Fame Day. Joe Girardi sending out Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter to get Rivera in his last game ever will always be one of the most awesome things for Yankees fans.

Starting QBs for Week 13 in the NFL: Geno Smith Ryan Fitzpatrick Brett Hundley Jacoby Brissett Trevor Siemian Matt Moore Josh McCown Tom Savage Blaine Gabbert Mitch Trubisky DeShone Kizer Shocking the ratings are down.

He will always be remembered for Festivus, but Jerry Stiller is also responsible for Seinfeld's funniest blooper. RIP.

Jeopardy 'Greatest of All Time' viewership numbers: Tues: 14.4 million Wed: 14.8 million Thurs: 15.4 million 2019 comparisons: NBA Finals Game 1: 13.5 million MLB World Series Game 1: 12.2 million NHL Stanley Cup Game 1: 5.5 million