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1.The media are truly clowns. When Jared Kushner said "our" respecting the fed stockpile of ventilators, he was talking about those that belong to the fed gov't for the purpose of addressing fed priorities, including perhaps the military, federal workforce, or assisting states.

New video hopefully tomorrow! Just having my lawyer review it. Feels good to post something weird again haha :,) ❤️

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2. But the Left is both ignorant and obnoxious.  Moreover, they dare not criticize Andrew Cuomo for FAILING to purchase ventilators over a period of many years, before the pandemic.  Instead, he had other priorities, like solar panels.

Teamwork makes the dream work in robotic co-op adventure Biped, coming to PS4 April 8:

Me: has online exam with all my notes and google Me: still gets a C

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