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Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question. - The New York Times via @nuzzel 

Fox News did a segment — and it's difficult to understate how crazy this is — about the QAnon conspiracy theory that Trump is secretly conducting an operation to expose Hillary Clinton and other Dems for running a satanic child sex trafficking operation.

After the Access Hollywood video, all Trump's supporters — Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus, Chris Christie — declined to defend him on TV. Only Rudy stepped up. Trump's reaction, once he returned? “Man, Rudy...you sucked. You were weak. Low-energy.”

A photo from 1 minute before the White Island volcano erupted shows a group of tourists walking back from the crater who cannot possibly have escaped the eruption

Miss Philippines: "Despatch the war rocket Ajax - to bring back his body!"

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Highly curious framing on this story. Warren earned about $66K per year for her corporate work - that's a piffling amount for a lawyer at that level. Yet headline makes it sound like she won the lottery.


This video of other world leaders mocking Trump behind his back is funny, but also very important: It suggests the rest of the world no longer feels the need to take Trump seriously anymore.

#BREAKING At least one of the victims of the London Bridge attacker has died

The backlash Meghan Markle received for deciding to miss Christmas with the Queen is just another example of the double standards she's up against via @thisisinsider 

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"Putin could not have hoped for more" - Me on Trump's behaviour at the NATO summit.