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“Ultimately, these tariffs get all passed on to the consumer in one form or another. It’s just tax on the consumer.” - Greg Hayes, United Technologies chief executive
Companies Report the Impact of Tariffs on Their Businesses https://t.co/DLoq2kOJCB
Let’s not mess this up! 🤩 | “For all the changes from the railway age to the information age, America still excels compared to the rest of the world in producing entrepreneurs. It sucks in talent from all over the world.” - “Capitalism in America”
🤔 "While it seems clear the President cannot remove Powell as a Fed Board Governor, the Act is more ambiguous as to whether the President could name a different Governor as Fed Board Chair" - JPMorgan
The latest federal debt forecast from Goldman Sachs:
From the White House CEA: "The Opportunity Costs of Socialism" https://t.co/AmKlD7tMkq
Scenes from the Great Nationalist Trade War | “Material costs were higher primarily due to increases in steel prices and tariffs” https://t.co/dzSpVFbafm
If Democrats care about wage growth, they need to be careful about “repealing and replacing” the Trump tax cuts https://t.co/pejHt2Dm7Y
What is nationalism? This from conservative philosopher Roger Scruton:
My 5 questions for Adam Ozimek on unemployment, wage growth, and productivity https://t.co/d6tiXWiX7W
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