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“If at some future time society has the technology to raise these [frozen and] hopeful souls from the dead, will they do it?” https://t.co/ujp8VTneIk
“California families used to pay three times their income for a home in 1970. Sometime over the next decade, it changed and now that figure has jumped to as high as 10 times.” https://t.co/2pVexJL7HM
My latest @TheWeek column:

"The cosmic writer of the 'Donald Trump, POTUS' show keeps returning to the same tragic theme over and over: Characters get their hearts' desire, but in the worst, most humiliating way possible." https://t.co/sPH8UwEdFi
“Who dares to say ‘no?’” an executive at an American firm said. “They’ll be dead if they say ‘no.’”

https://t.co/ewVdmexilw via @WSJ
“AV technology is still a long way off from providing anything resembling cost parity with human-operated vehicles, let alone real cost savings.” https://t.co/c2K8j44v3M
So the phrase “data breach” gives the impression Facebook was somehow hacked or something. Really seems more like a violation of the terms of service.
This piece gives the best exclamation so far of how Facebook data harvesting worked https://t.co/xQIpDbH0f6
I am quoted in this fine NYTimes piece https://t.co/1OEryOGXKM
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