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And there are trade-offs | "There is no evidence of systemic abuse by ISPs governed under Title I, which means there are no immediate benefits to regulation, only theoretical ones" https://t.co/elubH2ju2Q
Rural America Is Stranded in the Dial-Up Age https://t.co/8QpO23eO3Z via @WSJ
Even a 24% corporate tax would still be the lowest rate since 1939
This from @pmarca is also great, understandable take on net neutrality
Skeptical of policy ideas involving cinematically dystopian futures or the need to "scrap X and start from scratch."
To me: Net neutrality looks like a biz-on-biz fight with the consumer bit manipulated as a way of mobilizing politicians https://t.co/xhq2hp4HXB
America’s tech giants: Winners always look invulnerable until they don’t https://t.co/m3fs2CfCxG
I think this is a fair and reasonable take on why net neutrality repeal won't kill the Internet. https://t.co/gr0aXy5zRd
Timely as today's headlines | Keeping the Internet open and innovative: A long-read Q&A with Brent Skorup https://t.co/lhCS9V2O5v
In honor of this last minute twist in the GOP tax bill saga https://t.co/UqMAXPHrwm via @YouTube
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