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Jim Gaffigan

Male Model. Long snapper. My first wife is @jeanniegaffigan. NOBLE APE available to rent/buy NOW. All new material in QUALITY TIME TOUR.

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Oh Canada! #happycanadaday  CA !!! You are my favorite neighbor....after Mexico.

Do you live in a place where summer is a good or frightening thing? Do you prefer hot weather or are you normal? Watch full video

Will your #4thofJuly  be more focused on overeating or blowing things up? For more on #indepenceday  and other holiday traditions click here

RIP bar culture. To watch the full clip on my YouTube, click here:

As the drama of our life moves to Mount Rushmore tonight where Trump will speak with firework and protest, I thought I’d post this stand up I have about Mt. Rushmore. Hoping everyone has a safe July 4th

Everyone loves fried chicken. Well, I guess chicken probably don't enjoy friend chicken. Anyway, to watch full video click here

Happy #4thof July. To watch my stand up about the 4th of July just click here:

@realmattaaron83  @brucefrettsO  @pattonoswalth  no w @brucefrettsas  so supportive and kind to me. I only got to know him over the past year or so. I don’t know what happened. I’m so sorry

INTERESTING FACT: Kale was the original fake news. Okay kale is good for you but...well watch all kale material here


Expecting equal justice and being against police brutality is NOT “being political”. It’s called basic empathy. I’m sorry if my opinions on these things are “too radical” for a couple of you. Go in peace. Also Trump is a monster!

I can’t believe every woman I know is marching in the streets and CNN is showing Trump pretending to believe in God. #WomensMarch 

Help me here. I'm being sincere. This is STILL your guy? Forget the news source. Forget that this part of a pattern. Forget the lies & the bluster. Forget the impeachment stuff. I'm curious why you are still behind someone who consistently behaves like this? Help me.

ALERT 🚨 DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN! Our brave first responders/health care workers at NYU Langone need our assistance, if you can drop off food, water, masks at 550 1st Avenue (Tisch 15W). Thanks! Spread the word.

What do we have to do to get the damn US Federal Government to get a damn Covid-19 test mass produced immediately and easily accessible to every US citizen? Why does it seem like the Federal Government STILL can’t get ahead of this? Why do I have to post this? #getusadamntest 

Maybe we should try 4 years without a president? #debatenight 

Wow, congress isn’t taking the end of “Breaking Bad” very well at all.

As long as McDonald's doesn't make us pay with excercise.

I feel like I'm watching America's funeral. #debate